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Ouch! Hand and Leg Cuffs
Ouch! Hand and Leg Cuffs
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Ouch! Hand and Leg Cuffs

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Product Description

The Ouch! Hand and Leg Cuffs is a set of four cuffs that can be used to tie wrists and ankles at the same time.

The four cuffs are attached with snap hooks and so can either be used together or separately. A large metal ring is attached to each cuff, which allows them to be tied to beds etc. with a strap.

The Ouch! Hand and Leg Cuffs are perfect for both soft and hardcore bondage play. The sturdy cuffs are smooth on the outside and inside, which makes them very comfortable to use. 

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Metal and PU leather.
CONTENT: Leather cross made on central O-ring with 4 outer O-rings, 4 cuffs and 4 snap hooks.
DIAMETER: 6.5 - 9 inches.
WIDTH: 2 inches
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (4)
Catch it

Both of us felt aroused, regardless of which one it was used on. Easy to bundle

5 4 1

I'm not exactly a beginner when it comes to using restraints, but I have never owned what was used. I therefore decided to buy this because it was cheap, so I could see if I could possibly upgrade when I have used it a bit. But WOW! When I opened the package, I already noticed on the smell that it was quality. It smelled like real leather, and themetal clinked wonderfully. I tried it, of course, as I still had some doubts about whether it could restrain me, since I am above average strong and have broken toys before.These cuffs and ankle holders did not even allow a single movement! I tore and struggled with all my might, but it did not budge. Absolutely fantastic product, especiallyconsidering the price! Sometimes I’m also bothered if the items I order arrive late, but it only took 3 days to get the package! Will definitely order more from the pagehere. Learn more

5 5 1
Delicious quality and naughty pleasure

These cuffs are wonderfully executed and great throughout. Just seeing your partner tied up in them is naughty. In addition, the quality is top notch. They are nice and soft to wear while you are completely tied down and at the mercy of the other person's imagination and power. Can be recommended in every way. Learn more

5 5 1
Nice exterior but slightly bent.

The cuffs give a solid first impression and according to others they’re comfortable to wear. However, the quality of the rings and loops is anything but acceptable... really bad actually. Learn more

5 3 1

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