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Ovo L1 Loveballs
Ovo L1 Loveballs
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Ovo L1 Loveballs
Ovo L1 Loveballs
Ovo L1 Loveballs
Ovo L1 Loveballs
Ovo L1 Loveballs
Ovo L1 Loveballs
Ovo L1 Loveballs

Ovo L1 Loveballs


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Product Description

Ovo L1 Loveballs is an exciting set of kegel balls if you would like to be able to gradually train your pelvic floor, and therefore be able to vary your pelvic floor training. With Ovo L1 can you train your pelvic floor effectively and achieve greater sensitivity in your vagina and thus have better sex. Your partner will also enjoy the fruits of your labour when he can feel your firmer grip on his penis. 

Ovo L1 can be used by women of all ages, regardless of your pelvic muscle strength. These Loveballs are adjustable so you can select the weight or challenge that suits you best. In the box you get two silver balls, each weighing 44 g, as well as two transparent, blue balls, each weighing 36 g. You choose which two balls you want to insert in the flexible silicone holder, which itself weighs 14 g. This allows Ovo L1 Loveballs to weigh either 86 g 94 g, or 102 grams, depending on how challenged you want to be. The heavier Loveballs you use, the more challenging it is not to drop them. 

All four balls have an inner geisha-ball that makes the training even more effective. Geisha-balls rotate when you move, so the heaviest point moves and your body automatically wants to hold on to the balls to stop them from slipping out of your pelvic grip. 

How to use your Ovo L1 Loveballs:
We recommend that you first smear water-based lubricant on your balls before insertion, as it will make it feel smoother and more comfortable. 

Contract the muscles around your balls for seconds and relax thereafter for 3 seconds. The exercise is repeated 10-20 times, a few times a week. You can, for example, extend the exercises with a couple of seconds, as your pelvic muscles strengthen, if it feels right to do. However, the exercises should not be trained for longer than 20 seconds at a time. The exercises can take place while either laying down, standing or walking.

After training clean your love balls with warm water and e.g. .sex toy cleaning detergent.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone exterior, body-friendly plastic interior.
BALL DIAMETER: 1.5 inch.
TOTAL LENGTH: 9 inches incl. extension chord.
WEIGHT, BLUE BALLS: 36 g per ball.
WEIGHT, SILVER BALLS: 44 g per ball.
USER GUIDE: German, English.

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