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Oxballs Sacksling
Oxballs Sacksling
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Oxballs Sacksling

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Product Description

Do you wish you had a ball stretcher that stands above the rest, then the Oxballs Sacksling is the answer.

The Oxballs Sacksling will provide you with a naughty and arousing sensation when you put your balls in it, because they will get stretched out. At the same time, it will enclose your scrotum so that you can achieve a nice slight hugging feeling, and warmth will be kept inside.

Last but not least, the Oxballs Sacksling also acts as a cock ring, which strengthens your erection and results in a harder and fuller penis.

We recommend applying lubricant on both the balls and inner side of the Oxballs Sacksling, before putting it on. On the base of the part that encloses the balls, there are two holes where sweat and excess lubricant can drip out.

Additional Information

DIAMETER, OPENING FOR BALLS: 2 inches (can stretch a little)
DIAMETER, COCK RING: 1 inch (can stretch a little)
LENGTH: 4.5 inches
WIDTH: 3.5 inches
WEIGHT: 135 g. 

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Customer Reviews (3)
Highly recommended.

Requires some training to put on so I recommend exercising in advance before the partner is ready and waiting. Gives a special feeling compared to regular penis rings It may be an advantage to have knowledge of the use of penis rings from before and not go straight to this for the first time to use a penis ring. Recommended! Learn more

5 5 1
Wonderful product—nice feeling in the ‘balls’ when the bag is mounted

Moisten the ‘balls’ with water—then with a little practice they slide easily into the bag! It is difficult with lubricant—due to the fact that it is difficult to hold the rubber. A really nice feeling when the equipment is mounted—can be recommended. But the rubber is somewhat delicate and cracks on some—got a free replacement fromSinful. Learn more

5 4 1
Feels great wearing under clothes...

It has a well thought out design and with a little lubricant it sits nice and tight around the balls! I've had mine on for hours under my clothes when I've been running errands or out for lunch! The quality leaves a lot to be desired as mine has a "crack" which has now resulted in holes where I do NOT want an extra hole! In myopinion, Oxball's products are generally made of high quality materials and fit, but in this case the product needs to be reviewed and modified! I would probably use mine evenmore if it wasn’t broken, since it can’t sit properly as it’s supposed to! / Calle Learn more

5 3 1

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