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Anal Drops Medium Butt Plug var 1

Anal Drops Medium Butt Plug

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Anal Drops Medium Butt Plug is made especially for thrill-seekers who would like to experiment with anal stimulation at a controlled pace. Anal Drops Medium Butt Plug is made up of 3 beads, that gradually get bigger, allowing you to move at your own pace.

The Anal Drops Medium Butt Plug is made from a hard material that guarantees targeted stimulation. Your anus doesn't produce natural lubricants so always use anal lubricant with anal sex toys.

After play clean your Anal Drops Medium Butt Plug with warm water and sex toy cleaner.

Sub BrandAnal Drops
Product Weight (g)176
Full Length (in)5.51
Insertable Length (in)4.33
Diameter (in)1.97
Width (in)1.97
Primary materialPVC
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageRussian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Danish, English
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Customer reviews (0)
Anal Drops Medium Anal Plug
Mr. B - 3. aug. 2019
It's almost excellent. It's so nice and kinky, that it's big and has the balls, but it lacks some length at the end so it can go in and remain there without it falling out.
Nice, but lacks length
Jens - 14. jan. 2019
Nice big butt plug, but as others have written, you have to be practiced. At least to get around the big ball. The first two slide in nicely and give a nice feeling with each ball. However, the plug is a little too short right after the big ball. It is difficult to hold the plug inside once you have passed the ball, because there is not so much room to hold on to. It is easy to use and gives a good feeling of being filled up.
Big and naughty
Rikke - 14. jun. 2016
I think it's a really kinky butt plug. It is large and requires that you have tried anal play before, but when it is inside it is a wildly naughty feeling. The rubber is nicely firm and I do not think there are any odour nuisances at all.
Nasty rubber odour.
Lotte - 1. oct. 2014
It is indeed a fine product, with a fine shape and easy to hold around. BUT... 1. You must be practised in using it. 2. It smells so awful that it is almost unbearable.
A big plug, but...
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
This is a plug for training, with several levels. The first balls slid in nicely, but it was a bit challenging to get the last ball in. But when it came in, it filled up well. But the foot, or base/"stopper" was WAY too wide! It was not comfortable. Also, the whole plug could slip out again quickly. There is too little distance between the bottom/largest ball and the foot. This could definitely have been designed differently. The base should have been much narrower. Unfortunately, this is not a product I would recommend. It's nice to try it out, but preferably; steer clear! Besides, it smells weird! If you're looking for a suitable plug, choose those with a narrow base instead!
Machine translated from sinful.no
A plug that's great for familiarisation and training!
Anonymous - 6. feb. 2023
It wasn't a good product at first. But then I wanted to keep using it and get used to it. And it's important to use plenty of lubrication! It's wonderfully tantalising to insert it, and then it feels really good when the second bullet has entered. It's actually lovely when the big ball comes in and the plug is finally in place where it should be. It can feel very big and full at first, but then it's important to just let your rear end get used to the feeling, and gradually enjoy the feeling of pressure there. It's great to be able to lie down and relax, and also do squatting exercises. It's best to keep this inside for a long time. It will feel incredibly good after a while. It is best to find the most suitable body position that gives the best pleasure by trial and error. The plug must be in for a long time! It actually feels great once you get used to it. Filled up well! All anal sex lovers simply must try this out! But remember: plenty of glide, plenty of time, it has to be in for a long time, and the feeling of well-being is wonderful! Helps during the orgasm, when it comes. Great to have inside you then. A great plug for training and anal stimulation!
Machine translated from sinful.no
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
This one was too big for me,
Machine translated from sinful.no
A lovely big plug!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I've got used to this one now, and it has to be experienced! Lovely balls that slide in nicely, and this lovely plug stays firmly in place! A necessary plug to have when the desire and need arises. Highly recommended!!!
Machine translated from sinful.no
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