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Anal Fantasy Classix Prostate Stimulator var 1

Anal Fantasy Classix Prostate Stimulator

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The Anal Fantasy Classix Prostate Stimulator was developed especially for you who wishes to experience effective and firm prostate stimulation, which isn't too filling in size.

Because the Classix Prostate Stimulator works with the help from your bodys natural muscle contractions, you can enjoy hands-free fun, or if you would like you can of course move it with your hands, if you so wish. The prostate stimulator has a built-in foot that massages the erogenous zone of the perineum as you move, and it also functions as "stopper" so the stimulator stays in place.

The Anal Fantasy Classix Prostate Stimulator is manufactured from medical plastic, for firm stimulation of your prostate, which is necessary to achieve deep prostate orgasm. We suggest you use a quality anal lubricant with the Classix Prostate Stimulator for easy insertion and comfortable use. After play, you can clean your stimulator with warm water and sex toy cleaning spray.

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Finally the toy that rams him where it should.
C - 7. jan. 2021
I have tried a few different toys on my lovely lover as he would like us to explore that part of him. This little plastic thing does not look like something that can do anything special, but it can. I have given him so many prostate orgasms with it. When I pull a little out of the o', it presses the other part up against his perineum and when I do it faster and faster and a little more violently, then he cannot hold back, but gets the most delicious prostate orgasm. So we recommend it.
Buy it before your neighbour
K - 4. may. 2019
We bought this based on the fact that it had some close design similarities with "Aneros Helix Syn", but just cheaper. When you take it out of the package, you may be a little surprised by the hardness of the product and you may therefore doubt the quality. But as soon as it is set up, it is a completely different matter! It hits me absolutely right where it needs to. I can almost have an orgasm without using my hands. The orgasms I have are MUCH longer, and MUCH MUCH more powerful than what I have experienced before.
Best I have tried
Thomas - 23. nov. 2020
I have tried some prostate massage toys. This is the best. It is incredibly stimulating. Spot on. Easy to get in after a little preparation. Going to buy another now I know sinful carries it.
Incredible quality for the price
Yippen - 2. oct. 2017
This one was incredibly good, it hit perfectly. Pressed well against the middle flesh as well. The foot can sometimes fall out of place, but this was not a big problem for me. Nice size, if you are brand new it may be a little big. Fantastic quality in relation to the price of this, run and buy!
The first prostate toy
Kalexey - 13. jan. 2020
The product is easy to set up. It’s best to learn it calmly and with time. The operation itself of course requires a bit of familiarisation, but what I especially like about this particular toy is how you still keep finding new sensations (I bought it some time ago) and harder orgasms - together and alone! A great and discreet purchase that is easy to clean and use. 5/5!
Delivers the most powerful orgasms
Anonymous - 7. apr. 2016
My sweet boyfriend bought me this prostate stimulator to use together during sex - and I have been very grateful for it ever since. I've tried it 3 times now and each time my orgasms have been longer, more intense and very very powerful. We've played with anal toys before, and I'd say it's a must if you're a bit experienced, as the size can be a bit intimidating. The material is very firm but feels good and glides easily with lube. It is well worth the money.
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Precise stimulation
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
It was incredibly easy to insert and reached the place I wanted it to. The use of an anal shower is of course necessary beforehand.
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Affordable enjoyment
Anonymous - 9. apr. 2016
Only used a few times but definitely one of the better products I have used. The low price makes it a definite buy. Just the right size and the fit is good, it sits super well in place and does not come out. The foot that massages the perineum does a fantastic job, the only thing I could wish for is that it was a little wider or maybe round. The pressure becomes a little uncomfortable after a while. Guess you can get away with this with, for example, Nexus variants, which I will aim for next time.
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