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Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Balls Anal Beads var 1

Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Balls Anal Beads

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Here’s an enticing set of beads for erotic adventurers who want extra anal stimulation. The Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Balls each have a smaller bead inside which changes the centre of gravity when you move, setting off small vibrations inside you. Entirely without batteries.

The Deluxe Vibro Balls have 4 beads that you can insert one at a time, until you feel completely filled up. They have a silky smooth silicone surface and a 1.5 inch diameter.

You can also use them together with a partner who can pull them out, with the little loop at the end, before you reach climax to enhance your orgasm.

They're easily cleaned with soap and water, and we recommend using a sex toy cleaner to maintain an extra high level of hygiene.

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Feels really good
Andreas - 7. mar. 2021
Good product, very nice
Poor choice of material
K - 14. jul. 2021
Quickly stopped using it. The fibre cord is difficult to clean and risks accumulating bacteria. The balls are composed of two halves, but the balls have not been given a smooth surface treatment, and the assembly is therefore clearly noticeable. Time for another product.
Not very optimal
P - 20. jan. 2021
I am disappointed with the product. Difficult to clean after use as the cord is made of nylon. The vibro effect is there, but requires a lot of movement before enjoyment. At least for me. So all in all, not a product I'm happy with.
Uncomfortable to use, not something I would recommend
TheNorwegianReviewer - 17. feb. 2021
How excited to try these, but was shocked at how uncomfortable they were to use. It is not the balls that are the problem, they were quite fine, but it is the rope, which binds the balls together that is the only and biggest problem. The rope felt like it was almost going to cut me during use. Just not sharp enough, but just uncomfortable enough to use (Could probably cut you, if you squeezed hard enough). If pain is not something you like, then I would not recommend this product. If the rope was different, I would give this top marks.
Incredibly exciting
Ruff - 7. dec. 2020
Delightful product, was ready to try them once I received them in the post. Lots of lubricant on and it was relatively easy to push the balls in, a fantastic feeling, I was filled up and it felt amazing.
A naughty twist on anal play
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Had not tried vibro anal beads before. The product was extremely satisfactory. The balls are easy to set up with a little lubricant, which was included in the package. They have become one of the favourites in the toy drawer and are pulled out every time anal play is required. Great as part of foreplay. If you just walk around, you can feel the balls inside as they jiggle around. The fact that there are four balls of a reasonable size also provides a feeling of deep penetration.
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Tips on how to use it differently if it turns out not to be quite you!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I have started a small sex relationship with my ex, where we have previously had some small butt plugs. After a while he thought we should experiment a bit more anally, which I agreed to... and can now tell you that it's not me! BUT I thought the balls on a string were interesting and got the idea to try them virginally and not only that of course it's nice to get the gently shaking balls up.. uhh! Im telling you... to have them slowly pulled out again! Win win With the new idea for a slightly different function, the balls were not a waste of money and now one of the best parts of the game!
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Super stimulating
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Loved these baubles. When all four have slid up, you'll feel like you're really full. If you lie on your stomach and move slowly to the sides, the vibrations start to be felt. It's not as intense as a vibrator, but the vibrations are unpredictable, which makes it super delicious. Be aware that the cord is nylon and therefore not part of the balls. Therefore, I would recommend that you take extra time to clean them afterwards.
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Not as expected
Anonymous - 3. jan. 2020
They are a lot smaller than I expected and therefore don't give me much. I'm using them now as a warm-up for something fuller. However, I can recommend them if you are a beginner and want to take it easy
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Great feeling
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Powerful balls on good string with a large loop at the end so it doesn't disappear completely and is easy to pull out again. Tingling and cool sensation...
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