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Anal Fantasy Elite Inflatable Butt Plug var 1

Anal Fantasy Elite Inflatable Butt Plug

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Are you ready for more? Then embark on a new anal adventure with the Anal Fantasy Elite Inflatable Butt Plug.

Insert the plug up, and inflate it with the handpump until it’s precisely the size you are comfortable with. The plug expands in width, and the length remains unchanged at 3.5 inches.

With the removable pump and pipe, play can continue undisturbed once the right fullness is achieved. An air-release vent in the base of the plug ensures that you can release the air out without attaching the pipe again.

Manufactured from phthalate-free and latex-free silicone.

BrandAnal Fantasy Collection
Sub BrandElite
Product Weight (g)170
Full Length (in)4.72
Insertable Length (in)3.54
Diameter (in)2.13
Width (in)2.13
Primary materialSilicone
Recommended LubeWater based
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Customer reviews (0)
Joe - 14. nov. 2021
Plug has adequate inflation, and is easy to insert though there isn't much distance between the base and the bulb part of the plug. Connecting the pump is quite difficult, especially with hands covered in lube, and can be annoying to have to remove the pump to deflate
A little disappointing
MissPCopenhagen - 4. aug. 2021
The neck or stem of the Butt plug was too short to push inside completely .. the man has tight buttocks .. When we got it inside I could not hold the hose Space .. he could use it better Alone ..
A little disappointing
MissPCopenhagen - 2. aug. 2021
The neck or stem of the Butt plug was too short to push inside completely .. the man has tight buttocks .. When we got it inside I could not hold the hose Space .. he could use it better Alone ..
Super experience,
Morten - 4. jul. 2018
Then I got to try out this fine case, after warming up with other toys this one had to be tried. WOW a delicious experience, delicious feeling when it sits in place and then it's just pumping up to the desired size, woo hoo Nice that you can take the pump and hose off and play on. My clear recommendation
Not a must-have
DenDerre - 18. jan. 2019
The product description itself has no pictures of the toy compared to something of a known size. It is therefore difficult to estimate size based on the webpage. I personally thought the toy was surprisingly small when it arrived in the mail. When it comes to the small accessories included: The glove is quite large, and for it to be really smooth, it must fit perfectly, otherwise you will experience tugging on the glove no matter how much lube you use. The lubricant and cleaning product are quite liquid compared to Norwegian lubes and cleaning products, but work well. The toy itself: It has a fixed base where an outer layer is pumped up to the desired size. And it will become big enough! I would estimate that it blows up to 10cm in diameter, like a small balloon. Both the product description and the box it comes in state that the toy must not be inflated too much, but gives no indication of how many pumps are too many. The pump itself works quire badly as it is not glued to the hose. It leaks a lot of the air you are trying to pump into the plug when the pressure increases. In addition, I experienced several times that the nozzle at the end of the pump came off when the pressure became high. Several of the parts of the toy would benefit from being glued or joined together properly. All in all, it works well as an inflatable plug for those who want one, but the quality is not the best and it’s not comparable in size to the other, considerably larger, non-inflatable plugs in the market. All in all, not a must have, but works well for, for example, preparing for anal fisting and large anal toys.
Big, nice but a bit awkward
Gurra - 16. oct. 2020
It is large and it can take some time to get in place. The narrow part could have been a bit longer. The pump works okay, it can leak a bit when you pump, but it works. It really fills properly and fits well once you have pumped it a bit! Good material that slides well. The tricky part is that you have to remove the pump hose to get the air out. Would be good if you could do it with the hose on but overall a really good plug!
Anonymous - 12. jun. 2021
Quite affordable in relation to quality and price. Does its job - would have liked to have been slightly longer in the shaft so it stayed a little better. Once there is some air in it, it is a minor problem.
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