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B-Vibe Snug Plug 5 Butt Plug var 1

B-Vibe Snug Plug 5 Butt Plug

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Say hello to the leader of the booty patrol for the utmost pleasure of your bootyhole! With this Snug Butt Plug from B-Vibe you get a (w)hole new sense of fulfilment in life. An ergonomic, velvety anal voyager with a shape so intelligently made that it can keep you feeling heavily satisfied discreetly throughout the entire day, and through any type of anal play.

This Snug Plug is made of body-safe, seamless silicone making the sensual sensations both sleek and delicious. Along with a tapered tip, the silky features facilitate a soft insertion so that the trip to anal heaven is a smooth-sailing, yet voluptuous ride.

Precision-shaped for erotic sensations and with two weighted balls that rotate when you move, this plug will proudly fulfil its duty to fill the insides of your booty. With a diameter of 2 inches and a weight of 374 g, it is ideal for the experienced anal adventurer. 

The intelligent design of the oval-shaped anchor, made to fit comfortably between the buttcheeks, will make sure the plug doesn't stray during play. You can use it on the go, with a partner or all by your lonesome when you’re in the mood for some self-stuffin’-lovin’. When you are thoroughly satisfied, the thin flexible neck makes it easy to remove the plug.

For other sizes and sensations, check out the B-Vibe Snug Plug series. We always recommend using a good water-based anal lube for grade-A anal play, and to clean your toy with warm water and a mild soap or a sex toy cleaner to ensure good hygiene.

Product Weight (g)374
IncludedStorage Bag
Full Length (in)6.3
Insertable Length (in)5.91
Diameter (in)2.01
Width (in)2.01
Primary materialSilicone
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageGerman, Polish, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish
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Customer reviews (0)
Delicious delicious delicious!
Mrs Roo - 16. jul. 2021
For the playful enthusiast, this is a tantalizing plug for everyday chores at the store or for coffee with a friend;) Good weight, narrow shaft and good stopper make this plug very comfortable to wear for a long time, also during intimate relations <3
B-Vibe delivers again!
Anonymous - 9. dec. 2021
B-Vibe is a sex toy manufacturer worth noting. I already have Snug Plug 3, 4 and Vibrating XL. Snug Plug 5 was therefore the next step up in both diameter and weight. I have nothing but good things to say about this one. The shape makes it easy to insert and pull out, and the handle stops it from disappearing inside, which is a necessity for any sex toy for anal play. What's more, the shape of the handle makes it a pleasure to use the plug for long periods of time, whether you're cleaning the house, running errands or wearing it during sex. The material is silicone, which is relatively hard, but the thin neck is very flexible so that the sphincter closes around it nicely and you don't get unnecessarily tired from keeping it in for a long time. All Snug Plugs have two steel balls inside (except the smallest) that add weight and move and somehow vibrate with your movements. This gives a unique feeling that you can always feel it when you use it, in a very tantalising way. Snug Plug 5 weighs 350 grams, so this is a plug that really makes itself felt, and it's so incredibly delicious! These plugs are simply amazingly comfortable to use, and after discovering them, I can't really imagine anything else that satisfies me as much as these. If you like your plugs with a bit of size and weight, and like to use them for a long time, I would highly recommend the Snug Plug 5. If it's a bit on the large side, they come in progressively smaller sizes, and they're all equally fantastic. You simply get hooked on them.
Machine translated from sinful.no
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
With "a little" muscle relaxant gel. And with "a lot" of patience, it worked. Now I have used it a few times. And can recommend it for those who are a little familiar.
Machine translated from sinful.se
Weekend comrades
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I use a size 4 on a daily basis and this one I use for the weekend and really enjoy the weight and size. The advantage of the b vibe plugs is that you can use them 24/7.
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