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Body Slide Erotic Massage Sheet var 1

Body Slide Erotic Massage Sheet

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The Body Slide Massage Sheet is designed for sensual massages and wet sensations.

The Body Slide Sheet is a plastic sheet with inflatable sides that prevents lubricants from spilling onto the bed or floor. Body Slide is made from robust plastic so you can use it over and over, and it is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

The Body Slide Massage Sheet comes with a 80 ml Body Slide Massage Lubricant.

The sheet measures 2 x 1.6 metres.

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Hot sheet for wet nights
Henry - 5. may. 2021
Easy to clean. Has no folds, which is what results in cracks over time. Easy to put on. But the best part is the inflatable sides that keep the liquids inside. However, I also prefer a plain lacquer layer underneath as it can get quite wet.
Super for the wet and oil massage in general
Matilde - 17. feb. 2021
An ingenious accessory both for wet things and everything with oil. You feel safe and sound here. Just remember socks or outerwear, as well as towels, to get from here.. It is an advantage to have a mattress pump that can deflate the air again after washing.
A sure hit!
Tina & Flemming - 15. aug. 2013
New thing that had to be tried and we were a little sceptical when buying this product based on the reviews we read about the product. But if you do not try - you can not know. Just remember we are talking about a product for DKK 300 - so for the price it is a super good product. The inflatable sides work really well, and keep all the wet inside! If you do not have an air pump, it takes approx. 10 - 12 min to make the product ready. APPLICATION: The product has a size of 160 cm x 200 so it fits nicely on top of a bed! BUT, once you are lubricated in oil, so it is a bit dangerous to move around, your motor skills must be in super shape. So we do not recommend putting it on top of the bed. Do as we do, buy a top mattress of 160 cm x 200 cm and lay it on the floor - then use the product as your second playground, then everyone can join in, lying down - sitting - riding - sliding, etc. - then get in some super nice experiences . Many women think: What if I come too much and it does something? With this product anything is possible - oil massage and other really big "water games" without any problems… the product can be recommended in combination with Fetish Fantasy Sex Chair.
Not as expected
Loke - 27. jul. 2021
The idea of an edge around the sheet seemed good and even though it took some time to inflate it, materials etc. seemed OK. Unfortunately, the edge tends to fold (in an inflated state) when lying on the sheet. It sort of sticks to it; and then you have to fight with this inflated edge all the time – not very fun. (We laughed a lot, but had to give up using the inflated sheet.) Maybe the bed is too soft, but you don’t want to just use the sheet on a hard surface. Disappointing product ....
Massage Bed Body Slide
Mats - 28. dec. 2014
Works great to lay on top of existing bed. the inflatable frame means that you do not have to worry about massage oil coming where you do not want it. Quite easy to clean.
Super kinky for wet play.
Anonymous - 12. jan. 2012
The Body Slide Massage Sheet is intended for sensual massages and other things that can get "messy" in bed. We've used the sheet several times for kinky wet play and it's great for that. It's super smart with the inflatable sides, which ensure that oils, washes, etc. don't spill onto the floor or bed. So if you want to play wet kinky games, the Body Slide is definitely a product you'll be glad you bought. It's easy to clean in the bathtub or shower cubicle. Remember to be careful with stilettos or other sharp objects.
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More fun than naughty
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
It's been a long time since we've laughed as much as we did when we tried the sheet for the first time, but it wasn't really naughty for us. We don't know how much we'll use it in the future, but the laughter was worth every penny :-) Be aware that if your bed is narrower/shorter than the sheet's dimensions, you'll have to get down on the floor with it, but that's also the manufacturer's recommendation anyway, as you can easily fall out of bed when sliding around :-)
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Great for wet play
Anonymous - 5. nov. 2013
I've always wanted to try wet oil play, but there was a practical problem: It's really wet and can run out and make a mess even if you use a lacquer sheet. But then I found this amazing product that is brilliant in all its simplicity. Packed together, it takes up no space. It's easy to inflate and the inflatable sides keep the liquid inside. It's also easy to clean up afterwards with a little soap and water. However, it does take up a bit of space. It's easy to pack up again after use, and it doesn't hurt that it's not very expensive. We had a great erotic and fun experience and it will definitely be something we will use in the future. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to play wet games!
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Anonymous - 2. oct. 2023
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