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Bon4M S/M Metal Chastity Device var 1

Bon4M S/M Metal Chastity Device

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When you want to experience the exciting feeling of getting locked in, during kinky dominance play, then the Bon4M S/M Metal Chastity Device is just for you.

Allow your partner to lock your penis in and notice the feeling of agonising pleasure from your repressed erection, when your body is excited or you receive kinky messages.

The chastity device is made in a smaller version for an even tighter fit. A must-have for those of you who wish to have an even kinkier experience during dominance play.

The chastity device is manufactured from stainless steel and has a raw look with a nice weight, which adds an extra kinky dimension to the play. It includes a padlock and keys, so you can hand over your fate to your partner. 

The chastity device has an inner diameter of 3.5 cm, and the penis cage has a depth of approx. 6.5 cm. The 7 included base rings have a diameter of 40 mm, 42 mm, 44 mm, 46 mm, 48 mm, 50 mm, and 52 mm, respectively, and all come with a practical storage bag.

Product Weight (g)230
IncludedPenis cage, Base Rings, Padlock with Keys, Lock pins, Storage Bag
Full Length (in)3.5
Inner Depth (in)2.6
Inner Diameter (in)1.4
Circumference (in)1.58 | 1.65 | 1.73 | 1.81 | 1.89 | 1.97 | 2.05
Stretchable CircumferenceYes
Primary materialStainless Steel
Recommended LubeAll types
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Customer reviews (0)
First class Cage
CuckoldCoupleAarhus - 16. may. 2021
We have used this metal cage primarily for when we are on a nudist beach and we have received a lot of added attention especially from women who had to look an extra time
Well made
Mr A. - 9. apr. 2020
It's the best I've bought. The rings are a bit sharp on the edges, I sanded them a bit after finding the right size. It's not quite as in the description and in the pictures, it's better, the right thing is here. https://www.bon4.com/Male-Chastity-Devices/Products/BON4M-Small-Medium-Stainless-Steel-Chastity-Cage
Well suited for long-term use
Slave Stig - 8. jan. 2020
Have had it on constantly for a little over a month now, so I can promise that it is well suited for long-term use. No significant problems. It is of course an effective wake-up call in the morning, and that's how it should be.
Nissee - 15. oct. 2020
Have tried several different cages, but this one is by far the best. Nothing that pinches or rubs. And it keeps everything in place. It is solid but still discreet. Definitely recommend it
The perfect penis cage!
Anonymous - 1. sep. 2018
I just bought a Bono4small Metal Chastity Belt, which is more like a cage with bars that enclose my slave limb. It's perfect for several reasons: We already have a CB-6000s Chastity Belt, which is a plastic "case" that encloses the limb. We've certainly been happy with that, but there are three advantages to the new 'cage': 1) It's stainless steel and therefore weighs about 4 times as much, so the weight constantly reminds me that I'm a slave. 2) It's much easier to rinse the slave limb after I've peed. 3) Finally, on to the kinkier side of things: It's wonderfully naughty and humiliating in an erotic way that the penis is now behind bars. :-) We're looking forward to Sunday, when it's time to get it out again! :-)
Machine translated from sinful.dk
good in use , although there are errors in the product information
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
the product ended up feeling really good, but because the locking pin is threaded you have to choose a ring of the right size (bigger than the corresponding cb-model) to get the threaded locking pin in place, and of course finding the right position for fitting is tricky at first (here a 46mm ring and pushing down on the chassis plate towards the foot to rotate the locking pin into place worked). And yes, the silicone coating goes on the anvil hinge to improve the functionality and not on the locking pin as the instructions say:)
Machine translated from sinful.fi
Good and durable
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
The best of these I've come across. Lots of adjustments to make it just right, really addictive after a little getting used to ;)
Machine translated from sinful.fi
Hybe quality!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
We have tried a few different types of chastity belts, this one by far the best. Because it is metal it is nice and heavy.
Machine translated from sinful.fi
Nice quality cock cage, just a little too big
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I have nothing to say about the workmanship and quality (material and construction) of this cock cage, really top quality and definitely recommended for everyone! Only, it is just a bit too big for me (even with the shortest spacer pin). A centimetre shorter and I could have filled this cock cage properly under all circumstances (even in the most relaxed state).
Machine translated from sinful.nl
Effective and good cock lock
Anonymous - 12. mar. 2019
A little awkward to put on the first time. The guide pins on the cock clock, which go into small holes on the ring, can be a little difficult to hit. But I think this is a matter of choosing the right size of ring, in combination with the right length of top bolt. Inexperienced users should spend some time experimenting with this, as there are many possible combinations. I found the right sizes in just a few hours. Such heavy steel cages can tend to slide down a bit. This one doesn't. The ring is glued to the top of the cock root and keeps everything firmly in place. The design of the cage also means that the foreskin doesn't slip out. With clothes on, I don't even realise I'm wearing it. I put it on when I got it today, so it remains to be experienced how it feels during an erection. As it feels now, this is a cock lock that can be used for a long time without any problems. To summarise: An excellent product!
Machine translated from sinful.no
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