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Cottelli Lace Bra and String Set var 1

Cottelli Lace Bra and String Set

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No hiding what your naughty plans are for the night in this skimpy Cottelli lace bra and string set. It covers your intimate areas in stunning lace and keeps everything else up for grabs.

For a pinch of teasing, the bra and string include modest strips of lace to cover your breasts and vulva. Your love buds will peek through the enchanting lace, demanding your lover’s full attention. Your back takes centre stage though, with transparent straps and strings that leave nothing hidden from view.

Enjoy a comfortable fit with adjustable and stretchy straps, as well as lace pieces that can easily be slid into (and out of) the right position.

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Discreet delivery and packaging
Free shipping on orders over £55
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