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Fleshlight Mr Limpy Packer Small var 1

Fleshlight Mr Limpy Packer Small

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Fleshlight Mr. Limpy Packer Small is ideal for you if you're looking for an extra soft packer.

This is the third size in the series, and it is especially suitable for use in a packer harness for a realistic feeling and natural bulge in your pants.

Mr. Limpy Packer Small is manufactured from Fleshlights well-known Real Feel Super Skin material, which mimics genuine skin a lot.

Because the packer is soft and flexible, it can stretch, bend and turn as you wish.

To keep Mr. Limpy soft and tempting you need to powder it with renewal powder, which also protects your packer, so that it lasts for longer.

Full length of 4 inches, of which the shaft makes up 3 inches. The diameter is 1 inch.

Sub BrandMr
Product Weight (g)180
Full Length (in)3.94
Diameter (in)1.18
Primary materialTPE
Recommended LubeWater based
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Customer reviews (0)
Good first packer!
Matteus - 15. dec. 2020
A good first packer for transmasculine people, the size works best for a shorter and/or smaller person. The scrotum is slightly large but you can put the shaft to the side for a smaller bulge. Easy to rinse off but becomes slightly oily, which can be solved with cornstarch.
Mega nice
TaTa - 16. jan. 2021
It's a really nice packer; it helps a lot with my bottom dysphoria. It was cool to know that I as a transgender person could come in here and find a packer that fits. 10/10
Why not - 21. jun. 2020
I got it because I thought ‘why not?’. After trying it, combined with a clitoral vibrator, it is actually very stimulating. The small size makes you long for a little more, but you can always take another toy or the man with you ;).
Good as a first packer
M - 17. may. 2021
Comfortable material and easy to set in place. It stays better in place with tighter panties, but otherwise I recommend a harness or the like. The whole thing was quite ok, though for myself it was slightly smaller than expected, which means that probably a bigger model will soon be on the way. If you are unsure, then this is quite enough to get started, and it will also remain in daily use. :)
Outstanding first packer
E.L. - 2. feb. 2020
I bought Mr. Limpyn Packer (Small) as my first packer, and it has exceeded my expectations by far. The material feels nice and the packer makes you want to touch it all the time. The packer is soft and feels authentic and is aesthetically beautiful. The small-sized packer looks real in the panties and feels comfortable against the skin. Without any kind of harness, the packer might start moving out of place, but nothing dramatic at all. Cleaning Mr Limp is easy using the brand's products. The parcel was delivered in a very low-profile packaging. The packer itself did not come with any storage bag (it was packed in a small plastic bag), so you may want to include a storage bag in your order if you don’t want to keep the packer on table exposed to everyone.
Good packer, but should be repurchased in more "skin tones".
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Mr Limpy is a great product for very cheap money. Unfortunately, the skin tone is not quite right for me. I know that Mr. Limpy is produced in several skin tones and these should be stocked in the store (Sinful) so that FTM transgender people can buy the colour that best suits their skin tone.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Finally complete
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
A product that feels and looks lifelike and really boosts the confidence of a trans man. I've had my mr.limpy for about 6 months and am very satisfied, the only thing that pulls down a little is that the balls are so large that at first you spend some time figuring out how to position it so it doesn't look like you have a constant erection. Highly recommended to anyone considering buying a packer.
Machine translated from sinful.no
Works well
Anonymous - 2. may. 2022
Good quality, easy to use, looks realistic. Doesn't stick by itself, so it can move around in your trousers and look a bit odd, especially during exercise
Machine translated from sinful.no
Great for beginners!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
This was my first packer and I'm really happy with it! For me, it worked fine to just wear in my underwear but it's different for everyone of course. For someone who is smaller/thinner, the smallest is probably best! But even I, who am big and a little thicker, had a good experience with the small one! When I look in the mirror and take pictures, I see a clear difference that gives me a great feeling as a transmasc person! Personally, I'll probably still go up to medium eventually. It's very soft and comfortable against the skin if you're going to wear it in your underwear. A bit itchy and unfamiliar the first few times, but it becomes more natural after a while. I would also advise people to wash it with soapy water and then dust it off with cornstarch so it's not sticky. For the price, this is absolutely perfect! I love it so much! Would highly suggest this to those transmasculine who want to try it!
Machine translated from sinful.no
As expected
Anonymous - 9. nov. 2021
Good size not at all too big or too small
Machine translated from sinful.se
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