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PalmPower Mini Massage Wand
PalmPower Mini Massage Wand
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PalmPower Mini Massage Wand
PalmPower Mini Massage Wand
PalmPower Mini Massage Wand

PalmPower Mini Massage Wand

4.4 (6)
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Product Description

The PalmPower Mini Massage Wand is a small, powerful vibrator related to the famous "Magic Wand", which has previously been mentioned in series such as Sex and the City.

The PalmPower Massager has a long cord and is incredibly easy to handle: Once you have plugged in the vibrator, it is ready for use. The small PalmPower Massager has stepless vibrations that increase when you hold the vibration button down.

Enjoy the powerful vibrations for intimate massages or on the rest of the body.

You can also find accessories for your PalmPower Massager here, at the Sinful.dk shop. The actual vibrator head is made of soft silicone, and you have the option of changing the vibrator head to a completely different shape (for example, for G-spot stimulation), so you can use the wand for different types of satisfaction.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: The PalmPower Massager is made of quality plastic and medical silicone.
LENGTH: 7.5 inches.
DIAMETER: 1.5 inch.
BATTERY TYPE: Rechargeable, mains-powered.
VIBRATION LEVEL: Powerful and stepless.
NOISE LEVEL: Above average.
INTERFACE: 1 button.
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (6)
Says what it does on the box

Love it.....on my 4th ...highly reccommend ....dont need a man lol ...but one is always good to have around lol Only downside is difficult to get hold off ... Have to trawl the net Learn more

5 5 1
Great great, great ...

... all at once. This is probably Europe’s best-selling vibe, and now that I’ve tried it, I no longer wonder why! <3 The Palm Power is smaller and smoother than I expected - in one word: cute - and remarkably powerful, especially for its size. Usually, with normal vibrators, I have to set the controls straight to the second level, butin this one, the third speed level is almost too much! Phew. The sound level wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be (the previous vibrator was pretty loud, so compared tothat one, this is almost quiet). The only downside I found in this one was the speed control; it can’t be turned down without shutting off the device first - but luckily,you can return to the desired level in almost the blink of an eye. A sliding speed control in both directions would be nice though! Overall, an absolutely great device. Itgives you a guaranteed and mind-blowing orgasm every time - almost by force, even if not always so desired. : P Yes, and yet another extra is its removable silicone head; thedevice is really easy to keep clean. Learn more

5 5 1
Orgasm guaranteed

The absolute best product I have ever tried

5 4 1
Really good!

My wife loves it when I use it on her. She comes every time so many ++++++ and recommendations for palm power.

5 4 1
Guaranteed superb!

Have tested a bunch of vibrations but the little one is absolutely fantastic for its task! Shakes quite a lot in the hand but it overcomes for what they should do! +++ for it !! Learn more

5 5 1
It's really good

PalmPower Mini Massage Wand - it's really good! It is small, light and very powerful in its size. The silicone is very comfortable. However, remember that after every use of the vibrator, you MUST wash it! Otherwise there is a risk that the screws inside the silicone cap will rust. The main problem with it, unfortunately, is the cord. If the wiregets some kind of "break", then you have to buy a new one. So one must keep an eye when using it that the cord is not twisted or bent. But otherwise it is a verygood product. Learn more

5 4 1

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