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Pasante Climax Warming & Cooling Condoms 12 pcs
Pasante Climax Warming & Cooling Condoms 12 pcs
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Pasante Climax Warming & Cooling Kondomer 12 stk  1

Pasante Climax Warming & Cooling Condoms 12 pcs

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Product Description

The Pasante Climax Warming & Cooling condoms are designed to provide a cooling or warming experience. A special lube is applied inside and outside the condom, which cools or heats when it comes into contact with the skin.

In addition to the cooling and warming lube, the condoms also have ribbing that stimulates your partner as you move in and out.

All Pasante condoms come with lube, but you can add a little extra lube to enjoy an even more lifelike experience. Remember that you must use a condom-friendly lube.

There are six warming condoms and six cooling condoms in the package.

Additional Information

TYPE: Latex condoms.
QUANTITY: 12 pcs.
LENGTH: 190 mm.
WIDTH: 52 mm.
THICKNESS: 0.065 mm.
INGREDIENTS: Natural rubber latex and Silbione oil (silicone oil).
LANGUAGE: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Not a big effect, but can be noticed

Cooling condoms seem to have a greater effect than warming ones. Maybe it’s just because the places are already warm when the condom is put on. The effect of condoms is not so great that you would always notice it, but they also work just like regular condoms with something extra included. A cooling condom feels cool on the skin in much the sameway that a mint lozenge feels cool in the mouth. Learn more

5 3 1
Nice cooling

Me and the lady tried the cooling, and after approx. 1 min you could clearly feel the cooling effect. And it gave a little extra for both me and her. We also tried the hot condom in the evening outside, but could not really feel it warming up. But the cold is clearly worth the money. Learn more

5 4 1
Not worth it

We tried both the warming and the cooling condoms, but neither of us could feel any change. I only briefly felt a faint cooling sensation, but it was nothing special at all.

5 3 1
fun and different

Super cool feeling for both my boyfriend and me. The cold effect is felt almost immediately. We have not yet tested the heat, but I wonder if it is just as fun. Can be recommended hot (and cold) Learn more

5 5 1
Somewhat disappointed

Me and my boyfriend have tried both the hot and the cold with no real effect, the heat can not be felt and not at all separated from the frictional heat where to it it is together like any other condom, the cold thinks my boyfriend can feel a little bit the first time we tried it but subsequently no difference could be felt, not sure if itshould just be put on and then started as me and my boyfriend always "warm each other up" and set the mood but just then I think that the cooling effect could befelt, all in all I would not say that it is worth the money as it feels like a regular condom without special effect, fit and quality there is nothing wrong with but there canbe something better if this is the goal. Learn more

5 4 1

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