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Pasante King Size XL Condoms 144 pcs
Pasante King Size XL Condoms 144 pcs
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Pasante King Size XXL Kondomer 144 stk  1
Pasante King Size XXL Kondomer 144 stk  2

Pasante King Size XL Condoms 144 pcs

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Product Description

Pasante King Size condoms are specially developed for the man who feels that condoms in size large are still too tight or short. Pasante King Size has a mild smell of orange and vanilla.

There is a small amount of lubricant on all Pasante King Size condoms, but for a more natural experience it's recommended to add a bit of extra lube to the party.

Remember to always use a condom-safe lubricant.

There are 144 pcs. Pasante King Size condoms in a pack.

Additional Information

TYPE: Latex condoms.
INGREDIENTS: Natural rubber latex and silbione oil (silicone oil).
SCENT: Mild orange/vanilla.
TEXTURE: Smooth.
LENGTH: 205 mm.
WIDTH: 60 mm.
THICKNESS: 0.07 mm.
QUANTITY: 144 pcs.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)

Awesome condom, a little too tight though!

5 5 1
Very good for those who cannot have "normal" size

These condoms are affordable for the number you get. If you have problems getting the "normal-sized" condoms, these are perfect! However, it all depends on how fat you/your guy is. These condoms are as far as I know 12 cm in circumference so you are not that thick I would recommend choosing narrower condoms but longer, if it is lengthyou/your guy has;) For me they work great and were light and put on. Was sometimes something big for them so could sometimes be difficult to get on top of it but nothing thatcreated problems! So these are condoms that are light and put on, long and wide for the person who got those genes;) Can highly recommend these! The disadvantage, however, isfor those who are not 20cm tall or nearby, that it can be somewhat long, i.e. the condom. But do not unfold it completely or push it down as it is not a problem! Has worked somuch better and works much better! In addition, I want to help those who may have problems getting it up with the condom you / your boyfriend used / uses. I had the sameproblem. I probably got too little blood for the cinnamon stick as it was way too tight (normal-sized condom) and I had bruises. Then this condom is perfect. Easy to put on,"it" stands up without problems and they just drive! It is also durable! These are highly recommended for those who are a little thicker than the normal size onesare made for :) Buy buy buy, test test test. If they are not good for you/your boyfriend, you can always have a water war ;) Good luck with everything you do! Learn more

5 5 1
Good product!

Very easy to open, the fit was good and the condom was comfortable and solid during use. Very impressed as a first time user of this brand.

5 5 1

Good in size, have now used a pack up with my boyfriend and they are not jumping. Easy to apply

5 5 1
Condom review

They are very good for those who have a slightly thicker penis. The only downside is if you are a grower (like me) so if you lose your stallion for a while, then you end up getting a lot of air in. Which results in it jumping. And the lube on them is reasonably up to standard. Learn more

5 4 1

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