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Pasante Taste Mixed Flavours Condoms 12 pcs
Pasante Taste Mixed Flavours Condoms 12 pcs
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Pasante Taste Mixed Flavours Kondomer 12 stk  1
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Pasante Taste Mixed Flavours Condoms 12 pcs

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Product Description

Pasante Taste Mixed Flavours is a package of condoms with different flavours. The condoms with flavours are designed for oral sex and to take the fun and games to a new level.

The box contains 12 condoms with different flavours: strawberry, blueberry, mint and chocolate.

Being able to choose between different flavours adds an extra touch of fun and excitement, and eliminates the traditional flavour of latex during oral sex.

Additional Information

TYPE: Latex condoms.
INGREDIENTS: Natural rubber latex and Silbione oil (silicone oil).
FLAVOUR: Strawberry, blueberry, mint and chocolate.
QUANTITY: 12 pcs.
LENGTH: 190 mm.
WIDTH: 53 mm.
THICKNESS: 0.065 mm.
LANGUAGE: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Not satisfactory

Mint, blueberry and strawberry flavors / aromas have been tried, and so far mint and strawberry scents are a favourite. The size of the condoms is not too tight around the penis. Otherwise, it is entertaining that the mint, strawberry and blueberry condoms have green, red and blue colours. Learn more

5 4 1
Condoms with a real flavour

When you buy condoms "with taste" over the internet, in 90% of cases you end up buying some condoms with a boring latex taste and nothing but fruit aroma / scent ... However, this is NOT the case HERE! - Sinful is in control of their product descriptions - thumbs up from here! Learn more

5 5 1

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