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Pasante Trim Condoms 12 pcs
Pasante Trim Condoms 12 pcs
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Pasante Trim Kondomer 12 stk  1
Pasante Trim Kondomer 12 stk  2

Pasante Trim Condoms 12 pcs

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Product Description

Pasante Trim thin condoms are a bit more narrow than regular condoms. They are cylindrical and designed specifically to give a tighter feel.

The Trim Condoms are suitable if you find regular size condoms a little too baggy.

All Pasante condoms come with lube, but you can add a little extra lube to enjoy an even more lifelike experience. Remember that any lube you use must be condom-safe.

One package contains 12 condoms.

Additional Information

TYPE: Latex condoms.
INGREDIENTS: Natural rubber latex and silbione oil (silicone oil).  
SCENT: Mild orange / vanilla.
LENGTH: 180 mm.
WIDTH: 49 mm.
THICKNESS: 0.070 mm.
QUANTITY: 12 pcs.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Fits damn well - and it has its benefits

Many men probably think that their masculinity will be violated something so cruel if they were to buy a condom that is a little smaller than the standard size. But it actually has its advantages - because when the condom fits well - you feel even less that it is on at all. Again when it sits a little tight - then it actually has a bit ofthe same effect as a penis ring that more easily keeps your erection extra hard. Learn more

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Sexy and tight condom

Nice condom which is easy to roll on and which sits nicely tight. Because it sits so tight, it is downright comfortable to wear and the sensitivity is reduced only slightly, which is of great importance to me as I am circumcised and therefore have moderately reduced sensitivity in the glans. Can definitely recommend. Learn more

5 5 1

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