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Penis Plug in Steel with Hole
Penis Plug in Steel with Hole
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Penis Plug in Steel with Hole

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Product Description

This is a penis plug to insert in the urethra.

First and foremost, this plug has a ring that is meant to sit around the glans.

What makes this plug special is that it is designed with a hole all the way through. This means that all liquids can pass through while you have this plug inserted.

For many this penis plug is both titillating and painful, and for some also a mortifying feeling to use a penis plug like this.

The plug is manufactured from steel. It is 2 inches long and has a diameter of 8mm, 9mm eller 10 mm. The ring has a diameter of approx. 1 inch.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 2 inches.
DIAMETER: 8mm, 9mm eller 10 mm.

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Customer Reviews (5)
A new experience.

Easy to put in place, no sharp edges etc. Does not stand still, that is, constantly trying to slide out. I’m not sure of whether the plug turned out to be too small in diameter, or it was too small. You should try the next size up. Learn more

5 4 1
Great for first-timers!

In the end, I dared buying the first plug, and it was well worth all the money! With the help of some lubricant, the plug went into place easily, and perhaps right after the first plug, it was even too short. The sensations felt a bit tense during the first hour, but then I started getting used to it. I must order a second one immediately! Maybe alonger and a little thicker one next. Learn more

5 5 1
Very much ok

For myself, the diameter was too small. The ring was useless and big. There should be another solution for the plug. Also, I think that the part after the plug is too long. It’s just there kind of "hanging". Learn more

5 4 1
Easy to use

Incredibly easy to use as a beginner. Went pretty soon from putting it in myself to letting my wife do it as part of the game. Nice to have when you get masturbated and craving, will buy something longer and coarser soon we think. Learn more

5 4 1
Very interesting toy.

The quality is high. The effect is great. The choice of size depends on experience. Have a try… with caution. Feel free to buy more sizes. The description: "The ring is meant to sit around the glans or the head of the penis" is nonsense. It will never fit ;-) Sinful - please - correct the description :-) Learn more

5 5 1

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