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Perfect Fit Tunnel Butt Plug Medium
Perfect Fit Tunnel Butt Plug Medium
Perfect Fit Tunnel Buttplug Medium

Perfect Fit Tunnel Butt Plug Medium


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Product Description

If you are considering experimenting with anal play that beyond the norm, then try the Perfect Fit Tunnel Butt Plug. It is one of the most innovative butt plugs on the market, and this is why: Over and above functioning as a butt plug should, this plug was designed with a cavity that goes all the way through.

It can be used for a variety of kinky play, for eg. apply lubricant inside, different wands, dildos and other sex toys. It is also great to use with an anal douche. Therefore it is only your fantasy that limits your sexual play.

The Perfect Fit Tunnel Butt Plug is manufactured with a PF Blend, which is a blend of silicone and TPR. It results in a very supple and soft, while still durable butt plug.

We recommend using lubricant, for an even better sensation.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: PF Blend - a blend of silicone and TPR. 
FEELING: Soft and supple.
LENGTH: 3 inches., of which 3 inches. is insertable.
DIAMETER: 2 inches. on the widest part.

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