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Pinwheel Triple Metal
Pinwheel Triple Metal
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Pinwheel Triple Metal

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Product Description

A pinwheel like this one is a cheeky accessory to your naughty play.

Three rows of spikes, means you get maximum stimulation with this pinwheel. All in all 66 spikes - 22 on each wheel.

The pinwheel is made from a robust metal, which not only results in a stylish sex toy but one that is extremely durable.

If you roll the pinwheel lightly, the stimulation will be gentle and slightly prickly. Press harder and it will be strong titillation. 

We recommend starting off slowly, and increasing pressure on the skin gradually.


Additional Information

LENGTH: 7 inches.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Unfortunately, poor quality

If the quality were good, this would be a great toy for those who enjoy such. But since the quality is poor .. The holes in the spike wheels are too wide in relation to the axle, and the wheels can also be pushed sideways, which is why they do not rotate evenly but poke onto the skin. However, if you are lucky to have a do-it-yourself person inyour own household like I do, you can fix this it up into something useful. However, such handicraft might require tools that could not be found in every home. For example, wefixed a new axle on it ourselves, and now it works as intended. I don't think the tricycle adds much value; the skin can only feel one, so it's probably the same if you choosethe unicycle option, since that option seems sufficient and the quality might hopefully be better. Learn more

5 2 1
With caution

The product feels a bit awkward considering its price for a relatively simple product, I had to screw a little before the wheels spun continuously but once it was done, it worked technically well. I personally would like a slightly coarser handle and a bit more elaborate design, but for what it is, it fulfills its function excellently anyway. Learn more

5 4 1

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