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Pjur Back Door Glide Silicone-based Lube 100 ml
Pjur Back Door Glide Silicone-based Lube 100 ml
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Pjur Back Door Glide Silikonebaseret Glidecreme 100 ml - PRISVINDER  1

Pjur Back Door Glide Silicone-based Lube 100 ml

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Product Description

Pjur Back Door Glide is a silicone-based lubricant designed specifically for anal sex and anal stimulation, so you can have as much fun as possible. Pjur Back Door contains Jojoba extract that has a relaxing effect, with an extra thick and soft consistency, to ensure a smooth glide in. 

Pjur Back Door is designed to use with sex toys made of glass, steel and medical plastic. If you would like to have a very relaxing experience then we suggest you use lubricant with a relaxing spray.

Pjur Back Door Glide is dermatologically tested and produced in Germany. This lubricant contains the best ingredients.

Make sure to remember, this lubricant may not be used with sex toys made out of silicone, as it affects the surface of the sex toys.

Pjur won an Erotixxx Award for the best new product range of the year in 2013, for their "Sexy Six” series which Back Door Glide is a part of, and in 2016, they won the award for "Best lubricant range” at the Adultex Awards.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone-based lubricant with Jojoba.
_X000D_ SIZE: 100 ml.
_X000D_ TESTED: Yes, dermatologically.
_X000D_ TEXTURE AND SMELL: Mild and creamy.
USER GUIDE: English, German.

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