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Original Pjur Silicone Lube 100 ml
Original Pjur Silicone Lube 100 ml
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Pjur Original Silikone Glidecreme 100 ml  1

Original Pjur Silicone Lube 100 ml

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Product Description

Original Pjur is an extremely tenacious silicone lubricant, which always provides deliciously smooth glide. Original Pjur can be used as a lubricant, but it also protects and moisturises the skin, for example, on your legs after shaving or for an intimate massage.

Pjur Original is flavourless and can be used as a lubricant on all body orifices.

Pjur Original is produced in Germany and is available in a number of sizes.

Pjur Original is not recommended for silicone sex toys. Use a water-based lubricant with your sex toys, for example the Pjur Aqua.

Additional Information

TYPE: Silicone lubricant.
INGREDIENTS: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol.
SCENT: Neutral.
SEX TOYS: Compatible with sex toys free from silicone.
CONTENT: 100 ml.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch.

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Customer Reviews (5)
The big favourite

There is no better lubricant than this! It is not sticky at all but gives a soft, lovely feeling with a good glide that lasts for a long time. It is also completely odourless!

5 5 1
The king of lubes.

Does not become sticky like many other lubricants can, great to have during sex, jerking off and anal sex. Easy to wash off, can withstand condoms and great to suck him even though the lube is there on the penis. Learn more

5 5 1
Lube with an effect that lasts a long time.

Pjur silicone-based lube is a fine and smooth lubricant that retains moisture for a long time. You also do not need to use so much of it at a time to get a good effect. But more lube gives a smoother feeling. It works perfectly for e.g. to lubricate each other and give each other delightful and erotic massages as part of foreplay. The lube stayssmooth even after a long time. It takes time before it dries out. We have tried several varieties of water-based lubes. Only a few of them have worked reasonably well, butthese also do not retain their smoothness for long. Despite promises from the manufacturer / seller to the contrary, all of them dry out after a while. The lube usuallybecomes a little sticky and the erotic effect diminishes. Sex toy manufacturers warn against using silicone-based lube with the toy. We have noticed that it can happen, but toa small extent. We never lubricate the toy with silicone-based lubricant before use. We believe this can help to ensure that the toy is not so negatively affected by thesilicone. Learn more

5 5 1
Very good

Works really well. But if you use it a lot, the skin can become irritable, a bit reminiscent of fungus. Give it a break and look at it again.

5 5 1

LUBRICITY: It keeps its promises. The texture is wonderfully sexy and can be highly recommended. It is difficult to use so it does not need so much at a time ... 5 Stars from me! Learn more

5 5 1

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