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Plastic Locks for Chastity Belts Pack of 10
Plastic Locks for Chastity Belts Pack of 10
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Plastic Locks for Chastity Belts Pack of 10
Plastic Locks for Chastity Belts Pack of 10
Plastic Locks for Chastity Belts Pack of 10

Plastic Locks for Chastity Belts Pack of 10

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Product Description

These Plastic Locks are designed to use with chastity belts. This assures you of him not being able to get free.

Hvis han ønsker at komme fri af kyskhedsbæltet, skal låsene klippes over.

The locks are specially well-behaved when you need to go through metal detectors in for eg. the airport.

As an extra detail, each plastic lock has an individual serial number. Then the dominant can check and control whether the belt has been removed.

The pack consists of 10 plastic locks.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Plastic.
CONSISTS OF: 10 locks.
OPENS: Single-use locks that need to be opened using a pair of scissors.
LENGTH: 1.5 inch.
WIDTH: 1 inch.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Ok product.

You’re able to open this so that it won’t be noticed right away. The material should be a little rougher so that it would break when handled harder. They had it in the States but the numbers wore off in a few hours. Learn more

5 4 1
Super smart control

I have already used up my stock of these smart locking and control systems, so I have just ordered a new stock. The plastic lock works fine and securely, and the numbering means I can check if the male has been available when he is loaned out and returned with a new number attached. That way, I avoid giving him the key so he can not cheat onsomething I have not authorised. Highly recommended to anyone who likes a little system in things. Learn more

5 5 1
Stronger than you think.

These plastic locks keep asking than one might think. When but for them between the fingers, you guess that it can be easily pulled apart again once it is clicked together. But it can not. Once clicked together, there is no going back. Fun alternative to a padlock. In chastity games, it offers several possibilities, for example in long-termchastity use where the dominant is not next to all the time with a key. They could be a little thick in the material, some penis cages may give a little and sip when thisplastic lock is used, rather than a slightly thick padlock. Learn more

5 4 1

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