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Pump Worx Vibrating Penis Pump
Pump Worx Vibrating Penis Pump
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Pump Worx Vibrating Penis Pump
Pump Worx Vibrating Penis Pump

Pump Worx Vibrating Penis Pump

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Product Description

The Pump Worx Vibrating Penis Pump helps you to gain a fuller, harder and longer erection. And as an extra stimulating detail it has a vibrator, which adds extra pleasure. The vibrator is removable, so you can take it off and use it as you wish.

When you place the Pump Worx Vibrating Penis Pump over your penis a comfortable and stimulating vacuum is created, as soon as you begin pumping. Blood then gets pumped into your penis, which achieves a harder erection.

You can not gain permanent enlargement with a penis pump, but if you use it a couple hours before sex , you can enjoy the effect. Many men gain a more intense experience during masturbation and sexual intercourse after using a penis pump.

A cock ring is included with the pump, to be used in combination, as it then proves to be very effective. The cock ring is very elastic and can stretch up to 8.5 cm in diameter.

The pump itself is 19 cm long and with an opening of 5 cm.

How to use the Pump Worx Vibrating Penis Pump:

- Place the included cock ring around the root of your penis.
- Insert a little water-based lubricant in the base of the pump to create a better vacuum.
- Thereafter place the cylinder over your penis (not testicles).
- Slowly pump and watch your penis grow. We recommend not using it longer than 10 minutes at a time. Turn on vibrations if you want extra stimulation.
- On the pump is a quick-realease valv for quick and easy release of air out of the cylinder.
- Always stop if it feels painful.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: ABS-plastic.
SIZE: 19 x 5 cm.
FITS: Most penis sizes.
BATTERIES: 2 x AA-batteries (sold seperately).
DIAMETER COCK RING: Up to 8.5 cm (very elastic).
INCLUDES: Cock ring.
LANGUAGE: English.

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