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Rimba Spreader Bar Metal Adjustable
Rimba Spreader Bar Metal Adjustable
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Rimba Spreader Bar Metal Adjustable

3.5 (5)
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Product Description

The Rimba Spreader Bar in metal is a great addition if you love bondage play.

With the help of cuffs (not included), you can tie the feet tightly to each end of the spreader bar. The spreader bar works in the way that it is impossible to close your legs. If you would like to take it to the next level, then you could also tie your wrists to the two rings mid section of the spreader.  

The Rimba leg spreader consists of 3 separate bars that are easy to click together with the help of the included lock pins. This makes this spreader bar convenient to have as it does not take up much space when dissembled.

The bar can be adjusted to be between 21.5 inches and 33.5 inches in length.

N.B.! Wrist and ankle cuffs are to be bought separately.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 21.5 - 33.5 inches.
CONSISTS OF: Spreader bar (3 parts), 4 hooks and 2 lock pins.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
A little rickety in the most extended position

A bit rickety in the extreme sprint mode, so it will probably not be possible to use it in its longest mode, unfortunately. And the sprints can probably not be pulled in and out every time then they probably do not last long as the previous review mentioned. Fills its function Learn more

5 4 1
Small and wobbly.

Ordered the product and assembled it. Unfortunately, it feels very rickety as others have written, and the locking pins did not last longer than one use. There are more fun things to spend five hundred on. Learn more

5 3 1

No, let this be. Make do with a solid iron pipe / coarser rebar and weld 6-8 rings there. If you then like it, I advise you to buy something much more robust. A problem with this is that the goods in the pipe are so thin that it is almost impossible to attach rings/loops back when you almost just happened to tear a joint loose in a half-bushymovement. But it works very well to hang bondage/shibari ropes or cuffs in it as storage. Learn more

5 3 1
Very good with a flaw

Very satisfied, very good that it can be adjusted in size, both for variety and storage. A “mistake”, if hands are attached to the middle rings, the sub can pull out the sprints and get free. Can be remedied by losing your fingers but worth thinking about Learn more

5 4 1
Nice and powerful rod, BUT

The rod itself is made of strong material and lives up to its appearance. BUT the two "splits" to lock the rod with, as the locking ball is not so good. The quality is MUCH BETTER on the Obaie Adjustable Metal Spreader Rod, which I got it exchanged for without any problems ... thumbs up :-) Learn more

5 4 1

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