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Rimba Tail Butt Plug S
Rimba Tail Butt Plug S
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Rimba Tail Butt Plug S
Rimba Tail Butt Plug S
Rimba Tail Butt Plug S
Rimba Tail Butt Plug S
Rimba Tail Butt Plug S

Rimba Tail Butt Plug S

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Product Description

The Rimba Tail Butt Plug is a beautiful steel plug in a small size with a soft faux fur tail. 

The butt plug is ideal for sexy and seductive dominance play where one of you submits to the other. 

Because this Tail Butt Plug is made from steel, it provides firm and targeted stimulation. We recommend always using a good anal lubricant with the plug; it will make insertion and use much more comfortable. 

The Rimba Tail Butt Plug has a 1 inch diameter and is therefore suitable for everyone who already has some experience with anal stimulation. 

After use, clean the Rimba Tail Butt Plug with hot water and a sex toy cleaner.

Included: Discreet, black storage pouch.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Stainless steel.
DIAMETER: 1 inch.
LENGTH, PLUG: 3.5 inches (2.5 inches insertable).
LENGTH, TAIL: 11.5 inches.
WIDTH, TAIL: 2.5 inches.
WEIGTH: 188 g.
INCLUDED: Discreet, black storage pouch.

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Customer Reviews (1)
Fun and fluffy

I have long considered buying ‘a tail’ and absolutely do not regret the decision to finally buy it. It comes in a nice and discreet box, so there is no problem storing it away. The tail itself is nice to the touch, and gives a sensual and erotic feeling when you can feel the brush against the hamstrings. It's fun to walk with, and if you gowith around with a little pet desire, then it's a great place to start. The downside is that the butt plug is a bit small and it sometimes feels as if it is about to fallout—however, I have not yet experienced that it has fallen out. Another thing is that you cannot separate the butt plug and tail from each other, so you have to be carefulnot to smear the tail with lube as the hairs stick together. Learn more

5 5 1

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