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Sensuva On Ultra Clitoral Stimulation Oil
Sensuva On Ultra Clitoral Stimulation Oil
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Sensuva On Ultra Clitoral Stimulation Oil

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Product Description

Sensuva On Ultra Clitoral Stimulation is an oil that increases blood flow to the clitoris and thus increases sensitivity in the area. The oil is made from plant-based ingredients. It gives a warm, tingling sensation when applied to the clitoris, and it can help you achieve extra powerful orgasms.

Apply 1-2 drops to your clitoris about 2 minutes before foreplay or sex to allow the oil enough time to work as intended. The oil works for up to 45 minutes, but you can apply more if you want to prolong the effect. The oil can also be used for oral sex.

This is an extra powerful version of the original Sensuva Oil, and it is very effective indeed.

Additional Information

TYPE: Stimulating oil.
INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Natural Tocopherols, Vitamin E, Silica, Natural Flavors, Rosemary Oil Extract.
CONTENT: 5 ml.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish.

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Customer Reviews (6)

Expectations were high. The oil caused only a really small tingling in the clitoris which was a big disappointment. In the case of oral sex, the taste was too strong, which was also not a good thing. Annoying yes Learn more

5 2 1

Received this amazing product and introduced this to the lady. She describes it as a lovely warm feeling on the clitoris, which was amplified by touch. She had an amazing and long orgasm and can only recommend the product. Learn more

5 5 1
Small bottle—big effect!

Do not be intimidated by this tiny bottle—it can do everything it needs and 90% extra. 2 drops is enough for almost an hour of ecstasy—and who would have thought that? It smells good, it tastes good (I have been told), but first and foremost, the oil is the best of its kind I have ever tried. This assumes that you have some experience with thiskind of oils. Sensuvo On Ultra is not for beginners, because you WILL to feel it—you will actually not be avoid it! Learn more

5 5 1

Bought these drops for the first time in 2015 and loved them. I have tried other similar products and lubricants over the years that are supposed have the same effect, but I have never had the same results as with these drops. Oftentimes I had to go to the shower and wash it off because it became an unpleasant effect with the other ones. Thesedrops, on the other hand, are warming, smell a bit Christmassy, I think, and are perfect when it comes to intensity. Learn more

5 5 1

Fantastic stimulating scent. The effect lasts for a long time

5 5 1
Waste of money

It's awful, all it does is burn you lol I felt less than normal and it was really distracting xx

5 2 1

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