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Sextreme Dip Stick Ribbed Dilator 8 mm
Sextreme Dip Stick Ribbed Dilator 8 mm
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Sextreme Dip Stick Rillet Dilator 8 mm  1
Sextreme Dip Stick Rillet Dilator 8 mm  2
Sextreme Dip Stick Rillet Dilator 8 mm  3
Sextreme Dip Stick Rillet Dilator 8 mm  4

Sextreme Dip Stick Ribbed Dilator 8 mm

4.7 (4)
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Product Description

Want to make your experience with dilators and urethral play even wilder and even more stimulating? Then try the Sextreme Dip Stick dilator.

It has a wavy design that stimulates all the sensitive nerves in the urethra, giving you an extremely titillating and pleasurable sex experience. Use it solo or with a partner for kinky play.

The dilator is made of stainless steel and can therefore be cooled down or heated for an extra naughty dimension to your play. Both ends are rounded and insertable into the urethra.

The Sextreme Ribbed Dilator has a full length of 9.5 inches. It has a diameter of 0.5 inch at the widest part, making it ideal for those who already have experience of using dilators and sounds.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Stainless steel.
LENGTH: 9.5 inches
DIAMETER: 0.5 inch (widest part).

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Customer Reviews (4)
Sextreme Dip Stick Rillet Dilator: Fantastic

After seeing the picture of a Dilator on Sinful.no, I became so curious that I ordered one. I was so happy when this arrived together with the lube. Was at first very sceptical of the size, but it turned out that my worries were unfounded. After lubricating the dilator well with the lube, the rest went effortlessly. The sensation of eachgroove stimulating the urethra is simply indescribable. It did not remind me of anything else I have felt, but was so good that I came right away. This is now my absolutefavorite. Highly recommended. (It is an advantage that the penis is not too erect during insertion, as that will make the uthera narrower and makes it harder to insert thedilator. Kind regards RT Learn more

5 5 1
Fascinating toy.

High quality and EXTREMELY kinky :-) Just too gorgeous to see it slide into the urethra. The weight alone makes a difference. Use plenty of lube and be careful not to irritate the urethra too much… that is a bit unpleasant the day after ;-) Learn more

5 5 1

What a fantastic experience

5 5 1
Ow ow ow

Slightly too large for a relatively untrained urethra. Even with lots of lubrication and patience and the vibrator, it is still too thick. Will try something else.

5 4 1

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