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ShaveSafe Razor Super Blade 4 pcs
ShaveSafe Razor Super Blade 4 pcs
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ShaveSafe Razor Super Blade 4 pcs

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Product Description

Give new life to your ShafeSafe Razor Super with some sharp new blades.

These four razor heads each consist of five blades made from Swedish steel, and they all feature a precision trimmer on the back. Their unique design means these blades can reach even the most difficult parts of the body.

The blades also feature a strip of protective aloe vera for a close and gentle finish. 

They have a long shelf life and a hygienic design, meaning you can use them time and time again without experiencing redness, rashes or irritation after shaving.

ShaveSafe Razor Super Blades are compatible with the ShaveSafe Razor Super, which is sold separately.

Additional Information

TYPE: Razor blades.
MATERIAL: Steel, ABS plastic
CONTENTS: 4 razor heads each with 5 blades.
CAN BE USED WITH: ShaveSafe Razor Super (sold separately).
LANGUAGE: English.

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