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Sinful Deluxe Anal Douche
Sinful Deluxe Anal Douche
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Sinful Deluxe Anal Douche

4.6 (5)
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3 for £23.99
Product Description

Stay clean and comfortable with the efficient Sinful Deluxe Anal Douche - an absolutely essential accessory for relaxed and pleasurable anal play.

Rinse and clean the anal region with the douche before experimenting with anal sex or toys. Feeling fresh and clean allows you to fully relax and give in to the pleasure.

The douche has a squeezable bulb that sucks in and expels water for thorough cleaning. The narrow flush pipe makes insertion comfortable and easy. We recommend applying some water-based lube on the pipe for extra glide during insertion.

You can remove the pipe for easy cleaning with water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner. It can also be scalded briefly in boiling water, but don’t leave it in to avoid deformation.

Additional Information

CONTENT: 225 ml.
CLEANING: May be scalded but not left in boiling water, which could deform the flush pipe.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Good for beginners

I’ve used the anal douche for the first time, and it worked really well. There was a small initial stiffness, of course, but it was probably more due to the user than the douche itself. Let's keep training! Learn more

5 4 1

My first experience with any kind of anal douche, and definitely a positive one! So easy to use and does its job. Completely perfect

5 5 1
Best rinse of my life!

Never before have I been as clean as when I used this product! Easy to use and clean. 10/10

5 5 1
Quite okay

I think it’s pretty all right. There’s a few small things that bother me. I think it holds a little too much water, which sometimes makes it difficult to control, it is a little too big and it is easy to suck the water back into it. You also have to use heaps of lube on the spout, otherwise it’s not very gentle. It’s easy to clean thespout, but if you happen to flush in the wrong direction, then it’s not so easy to clean the shower itself. Other than that it’s a very good product, use it a couple oftimes until the water is clean and then you feel clean and secure before anal play. Learn more

5 4 1
Easy, does the job

Simple and does the job. Do it 4-6 times and it's done. But remember not to use too much pressure so it gets in too far, then it takes longer before it is emptied out. Have fun =) Learn more

5 5 1

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