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Sinful Jewel Silicone Butt Plug Small
Sinful Jewel Silicone Butt Plug Small
Sinful Jewel Silikone Butt Plug Small  0
Sinful Jewel Silikone Butt Plug Small  1
Sinful Jewel Silikone Butt Plug Small  2
Sinful Jewel Silikone Butt Plug Small  3
Sinful Jewel Silikone Butt Plug Small  4
Sinful Jewel Silikone Butt Plug Small  5

Sinful Jewel Silicone Butt Plug Small

4.5 (5)
Back in stock on 09/11/2022 - Contact customer service for resupply date.
Product Description

New to anal stimulation? Then the Sinful Jewel Silicone Butt Plug Small would be a great gift to yourself.

This discreet plug provides gentle stimulation allowing you to carefully experience anal play.

The Jewel Butt Plug is made with silicone and has a silky smooth finish with a rounded head for effortless insertion, while the stopper has a beautiful crystal embedded in it for an elegant look.

Size small has a diameter of 1.1 inch, for you who wants to explore a new and exciting universe of anal play.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone and plastic crystal.
LENGTH: 2.8 inches (2.5 inches insertable).
DIAMETER: 1.1 inch.
WEIGHT: 27 g.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)

May be my first butt plug but I thought it was great to have both with my partner and on my own. Like the design as a nice little piece of jewellery for the butt.

5 5 1
Comfortable weight with soft surface

I prefer silicone plugs over metal because silicone feels like a nicer and less cold material to wear inside. This plug weighs the same as a metal plug. I was a little nervous at first that the end of the jewel would be too small so that it could slip in by mistake because it has been a problem with some plugs when used a lot but it was no problem.Very handsome in black as it highlights the radiant diamond much more than a metal plug, in my opinion. Learn more

5 4 1
Perfect introduction

Actually bought this plug just for myself alone, to explore anal play and see if it was something for me - and I have been nothing but pleasantly surprised! Even though it is not that big, it provides the perfect stimulation, and I often use it with other toys, which can give me heavenly orgasms Learn more

5 5 1
SO cute

Really nice little product that sits beautifully in the butt. Am fed up of boring, decidedly ugly butt plugs that do not decorate the nether regions. With the nice stone, your butt will look so nice and pretty for whoever gets to enjoy the sight of it. The slim neck prevents the product from falling out during play, which is good. Really nice littlebeginner’s size. I have actually moved on to an identical one in medium size. Delicious soft material too - for the sake of information, I use Sinful's water-based lubricantwith it. Really good for the price :) Learn more

5 4 1
Nice beginners’ butt plug

My very first butt plug and I think it is really nice and pretty. It is easy to use and it feels gorgeous

5 5 1

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