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Sinful Rechargeable Powerful Male Masturbator
Sinful Rechargeable Powerful Male Masturbator
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Sinful Rechargeable Powerful Male Masturbator

3.7 (5)
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Product Description

Make your handjobs a bit sexier with the Sinful Rechargeable Powerful Male Masturbator.

This soft masturbator is made from an unbelievably flexible material that clings to your shaft. With its stimulating ribs on the inside and 10 thrilling vibration settings, it'll have you trembling with pleasure.

The masturbator is perfect to use when you want to treat yourself to an extra hot masturbation session. Also try letting your partner take control and combine the vibrations with a wet blowjob.

The powerful bullet vibrator is removable for even more play options. The masturbator is ideal for wet play in the shower.

Made from soft, flexible silicone with a full length of 3.5 inches. The inner diameter measures 1.5 inch, but the sides are flexible to fit most sizes.

USB cable for charging is included.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone and ABS plastic.
ALLERGENS: Free of phthalates.
LENGTH: 3.5 inches.
INTERNAL DIAMETER: 1.5 inch (flexible).
VIBRATIONS: 10 settings.
BATTERY TYPE: Rechargeable (USB charger P2 included).
FULL CHARGE: 120 min.
PLAY TIME: Up to 45 min.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Feels great!

This product has given me very nice orgasms, it is suitable for foreplay or general tease. You can use it hands-free, but you can also add lubricant to glide it up and down. It's all about finding your own favourite! Advantages - Soft material, nice vibrations, deep but also fairly strong, it embraces even the glans well. Disadvantages - I have ahard time achieving orgasm only by having it placed around the glans, it ends up wrong easily. The vibrations could be stronger, I have to press it with my hand to really feelthe vibrations well. Bonus tip: If you have a penis ring, you can put it around the vibrator when it is placed on the glans, gives a good embracing feeling but also a moreintense feeling. A worthwhile purchase if you are new to vibrators! Learn more

5 4 1

Nice complement when there are two of you. Relatively quiet too.

5 4 1
worst shit ever

excuse me??? but seriously! what is this?? How can anyone write a "positive" review about this totally useless product in any other respect than to trick someone else into buying the same shit they themselves did??? It is totally pointless and does nothing to make you enjoy sex with yourself more. You can just as well take yourelectric brush and place it against your penis and let it vibrate against the penis. Well .... wow..vibration against the penis! wow! it must be something amazing! Well it'snot! What is it? vibration against skin? Doesn’t do anything that makes you excited or feel any pleasure! Total waste of money! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! It won't give youanything but a bad buy! So now the truth is told! if you buy anyway .... blame yourself! Haha damn how stupid I was to buy this ... ha! totally useless and pointless likenothing I’ve ever seen! Learn more

5 2 1
Fantastic vibrator

This vibrator does not disappoint when used as a conclusion to a naughty play. The vibrations intensify and prolong the orgasm.

5 5 1
Nice for the price

This is my first penis vibrator. It works fine and can easily help make the orgasm more exciting. If used properly. The vibrations are very superficial and the vibrator can therefore not give me orgasm on its own. But placed correctly and with the vibrations at the right strength, it can easily give a hot orgasm. I have to use it as a handlewhile I masturbate, then it is really nice. Learn more

5 3 1

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