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Sliquid H2O Water-based Lubricant 125 ml
Sliquid H2O Water-based Lubricant 125 ml
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Sliquid H2O Vandbaseret Glidecreme 125 ml  1

Sliquid H2O Water-based Lubricant 125 ml

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Product Description

Sliquid H2O was developed for erotic adventurers in search of the highest possible quality water-based lubricant.

It is vegan, meaning you also get a lube that's free of glycerine.

The lubricant has a consistency that replicates the body's natural lubricants, so that it feels as natural as possible.

Sliquid H2O can be used with sex toys of all materials, and during sexual intercourse.

If the lubricant begins to lose it's glide during use then simply add a bit of water to regain lubricity.

Sliquid H2O lubricant, that is neutral in both taste and smell.

Additional Information

TYPE: Water-based lubricant.
INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.
ALLERGENS: Free of glycerine and perfume.
SCENT: Neutral.
PH-LEVEL: Neutral.
SEX TOYS: Compatible with all types of sex toys.
CONTENT: 125 ml.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (3)

Super good lubricity and free from parabens, perfumes etc.

5 5 1

Really dry with incredibly poor lubricity. On the surface, this is the worst of the 5 I have tried so far. Even if I use a lot it makes no difference. Disappointing.

5 1 1

My partner and I think this lube is absolutely fantastic. We want a vegan lubricant, as it feels good to protect the animals, since obviously we don’t want them to suffer at our expense. We would highly recommend this product to others. It could have been a larger package but also a smaller one if you are going away and need a smaller package.Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with it. Learn more

5 5 1

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