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SONO No 21 Dong Extension Penis Sleeve
SONO No 21 Dong Extension Penis Sleeve
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SONO No 21 Dong Extension Penis Sleeve  1
SONO No 21 Dong Extension Penis Sleeve  2
SONO No 21 Dong Extension Penis Sleeve  3
SONO No 21 Dong Extension Penis Sleeve  4

SONO No 21 Dong Extension Penis Sleeve

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Product Description

Would you like to give your partner even more pleasure during sex?

The SONO No. 21 Dong Extension Penis Sleeve is 2.5 inches in diameter so you can get extra fullness, while the wavy texture on the external side gives even more intensity during stimulation.

The flexible ball strap attaches the sleeve firmly on the penis, which tightens wonderfully around your scrotum and keeps them tense and ready. At the same time it makes sure the sleeve won't slide off, even during the most energetic and long-lasting activities in bed.

The soft and extremely stretchy TPE-material provides a perfect fit on your penis. This means the sleeve accurately follows the movement of your penis, and will give both you and your partner the most comfortable and natural experience. Fits on most men.

The glans has a hole so you can ejaculate with the sleeve on.

Additional Information

TOTAL LENGTH: 8 inches.
SLEEVE LENGTH: 5.5 inches.
STRAP DIAMETER: 2 inches (and can stretch).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Too big

Great material and application Became a bit too wide for the penis Did not want to stay inside and was just too much work to enjoy The image is somewhat misleading (seems smaller than it is) Learn more

5 3 1
Fills up well

Made of fine and soft material and immediately feels huge. It is possible that my penis is shorter than average, but I did not get my head to stay on the outside of the sleeve. Not that it matters, the intention was to increase her pleasure and delay mine;) Learn more

5 4 1
Wrong fit

You must be reasonably well endowed to make this work. Too big for the average man.

5 2 1
For a special occasion

Super comfortable to use with a good fit and well thought out in relation to the scrotum. Nor does it come off even if you really have your foot on the throttle

5 4 1
Both one and the other...

... my feeling after trying this product. Really nice material, but simply too long if you have an average penis. But it provides okay stimulation. My man, however, does not think there is much feeling with it on unfortunately. Learn more

5 4 1

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