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Spartacus Bully Rings Nipple Clamps
Spartacus Bully Rings Nipple Clamps
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Spartacus Bully Rings Brystklemmer Product 1
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Spartacus Bully Rings Brystklemmer Hand 50
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Spartacus Bully Rings Brystklemmer Pack 90

Spartacus Bully Rings Nipple Clamps

2.6 (3)

Product discontinued
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Product Description

The Spartacus Bully Rings Nipple Clamps are ideal if you want to add titillating pain to your foreplay.

The two alligator clamps are adjustable, so you can decide how mild or intense you want the pain to be.

The metal rings at the bottom gives the nipple clamps extra weight, which you can really feel when you move around.

Each of the two Spartacus Bully Rings Nipple clamps weigh 40 g.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Metal and rubber.
LENGTH, CLAMPS: 4 inches, of which the ring makes up 2 inches.
TYPE CLAMPS: Alligator tip.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (3)
It has some compressive strength

For me, it was good that you can find an adjustment feature in there. Very good compressive force for those who are looking for such. Also greatly suited for the labia. The only downside to the product is the "outward orientation" of the clamp ends. If not squeezed fully, then the grip won’t be terribly firm, but will comes off quiteeasily. But the rings are an absolute plus; they will give you a firm. Learn more

5 4 1

The tip opens upwards; they are difficult to keep on the nipples without them squeezing way too much. The quality is poor, the adjustment screw goes through the hole, resulting in painful screams from the nipple’s owner, and it’s impossible to adjust the ideal tension. I do not recommend it. Learn more

5 1 1
Absolute beginner clamp

You must have reasonably large nipples so that it does not fall off with the rings on, and it does not squeeze very hard. One ring fell off by itself—however, I found out that it did not make much of a difference. Then they did not fall off. If you are a man, you cannot pull them at all without them falling off. I am disappointed consideringthe price. Learn more

5 2 1

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