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Spartacus Leather Spanking Paddle
Spartacus Leather Spanking Paddle
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Spartacus Leather Spanking Paddle

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Product Description

The Spartacus Leather Spanking Paddle is a good paddle for you who has experience with spanking. 

The paddle is made from solid quality leather, which you will get very good use from. The leather is strengthened all the way down the handle with steel, making this paddle suitable for spanks you can really feel.

The end of this Spartacus Leather Spanking Paddle is two part, giving great sound when it hits against your skin. The paddle has two different sides, one side is smooth while the other side is also smooth but with holes, for a varied feeling.

We recommend that you always start slow and gentle and increase intensity, so that your partner gets use to the feeling. 

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Quality leather, steel and metal.
LENGTH, PADDLE: 18 inches long, of which the handle is 14 inches.
WIDTH: 2 inches
LENGTH, STRAP: 10 inches
WIDTH: 2 inches on the widest part.

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Customer Reviews (1)
Good tool

I regularly need a good old-fashioned go-around, and with this tool the lady can give me what I need without getting sore arms and shoulders. Due to the length, it can give really good flicks, which leaves red marks behind. Highly recommended. Learn more

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