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Spider Meiki One Hands Free Masturbator
Spider Meiki One Hands Free Masturbator
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Spider Meiki One Hands Free Masturbator

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Product Description

Spider Meiki One is ideal if you wish to purchase a luxurious and realistic masturbator, which you can enjoy hands-free.

Internally, Spider Meiki One has a soft and comfortable sleeve with a titillating structure which stimulates you with every move you make. The sleeve is made in two layers for the most realistic feeling possible, when your Meiki One encloses your penis.  

The base of the Spider Meiki One has a suction cup, making it possible to attach the masturbator firmly on all smooth surfaces, to enjoy hands-free. The base piece can be placed in just the angle you want, which offers many position possibilities with your Spider sex toy.

Spider Meiki One is available in different colours: Extreme White and Intense Black. We recommend that you use your Spider Meiki One with a good, quality water-based lubricant, for an experience most lifelike and enjoyable.

AWARD WINNER: Spider won the 2012 Erotixxx Award for "Best Product Design Concept".

Additional Information

LENGTH, TOTAL: 11 inches.
DEPTH: 7 inches.
SIZE: Fits most men. 
LANGUAGE: English.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (3)
Very good inner textures, but too tight with the "sleeve" on (for me).

I was very sceptical of this after a previous bad experience with Fleshlight (never liked that series and think it is overrated), but I went for it and missed... I tried with the sleeve on and pushed, this resulted in days of discomfort afterwards, clumsy yes, but had to test properly. Eventually pulled the "sleeve" pulled out of thesleeve in frustration and it worked better, but still uncomfortably tight. The quality is very good too, plus for the suction cup, but not sure how much of a beating this canactually withstand. In addition, it is very easy to clean since there are holes in the end. I would think that for those with a smaller circumference, this will probably fitmuch better :-) I therefore give this 4 out of 5 stars because this is really a very good product for the right user. For my part, I will probably go back to the good oldUtensil Race Proof series, I think that series is definitely the best I have tried so far, even though it costs a lot. Learn more

5 4 1

Fleshlight can pack its things and go once Spider is on the menu! Super nice material. Soft but firm, a pleasantly mild scent that does not stick to you after use. If you have tried a fleshlight and think it is good, then you will think that Spider Meiki One is fantastic and more. The material after use and washing is much less sticky than afleshlight, and it also does not have the very sharp and ‘rubbery’ smell some fleshlights have, but a mild and slightly perfumed scent in my opinion. The exterior designis delicious, with full lips that hide a fantastic experience. The interior design is probably the closest you get to a real woman. A highlighted G-spot as well as a lot offolds and bumps make the experience absolutely incredible in my opinion. Especially with the suction cup, which makes a hands-free experience possible. It all becomes so muchbetter with the inner structure the way it is, so you will have different experiences depending on how you now turn Meiki. The inner structure makes Meiki a little morecumbersome to clean and dry, but it is definitely worth the effort! By the way, make sure you have something to hold on to when using the handsfree in a standing position,because the orgasm can certainly make your legs weak. Learn more

5 5 1
Sex toy

It feels incredibly good! I love how it handles my penis

5 5 1

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