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Splash-Queen Intimate Douche
Splash-Queen Intimate Douche
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Splash-Queen Intimate Douche

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Product Description

Splash-Queen Intimate Douche is an effective and very useful product if you want to clean yourself before sex. You can use the Splash-Queen Intimate Douche for both vaginal and anal rinsing to ensure good hygiene.

You can also use the douche to stimulate the inner erogenous zones with water, which trickles out. 

The Splash-Queen Intimate Douche consists of a pump ball attached to a flushing tube. Fill the douche with water at body temperature, carefully lead it up inside and squeeze it so that the water is gently sprayed upwards. Then sit on the toilet to get the water out again. Repeat as needed.

By applying lube to the rinsing tube, the Splash-Queen Intimate Douche becomes more comfortable to insert.

After use, clean the douche with warm water and a Sex Toy Cleaner. 

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone and ABS plastic.
CAN CONTAIN: 250 ml of water.
HEIGHT OF RINSE TUBE: Approx. 5.1 inches
DIAMETER: 0.8 inch
LANGUAGE: English, Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Dutch.

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Customer Reviews (5)


5 5 1


5 5 1
Super naughty

Easy to use.

5 4 1
Stimulating wash

Super nice for bum washing. The size makes it both easy to use and provides easy stimulation while using it. A little lube is needed.

5 4 1
Yogi loves intimate douche!

I have chosen to live in celibacy, but I use Splash-Queen Intimate Douche when I menstruate, I'm 50+ and not bleeding that much anymore. I use a saline water solution that I make myself: 1 l water + 1 tablespoon salt, let it boil for 10 min, let cool. (Can be bought at pharmacies as well.) (Boiling kills microbes found in tap water.) For drymucous membranes, you can lubricate your "Baubo" with olive or hemp oil. Splash-Queen Intimate Douche is easiest for me to use when I am in the shower. -A fantasticproduct! I'm glad I finally found it, have used a DIY method that I can now stop using. Learn more

5 5 1

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