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Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator
Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator
Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator  1
Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator  3
Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator  4
Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator  5
Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator  6
Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator  7

Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator

3.2 (2)
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Product Description

Take your masturbation to the next level with new hot sensations.

The 40 degrees inner casing of the Sweet Smile Masturbator turns up the heat, and feels just like an aroused lover waiting for you to enter. It's always ready to pleasure you whenever you're in the mood for a kinky hand job.

With 6 different vibration patterns, 3 speeds and the optional heat setting, you have endless possibilities for pleasure.

Use it on yourself or let your partner send you to an explosive climax. Try a water-based lube to make the experience even more realistic and sizzling. 

The masturbator is rechargeable using the included USB cable. Charge it for 180 minutes to enjoy 60 minutes of play time in high drive. 

Additional Information

MATERIAL: ABS plastic and silicone.
TEMPERATURE: Up to 40 degrees C.
SOUND LEVEL: Discreet. 

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Customer Reviews (2)
Nicer than Cobra Libre

Sweet Smile is reminiscent of Cobra Libre and is manufactured by the same company, I think. I have both products and can confirm that Sweet provides greater pleasure. The vibrations are very soft, which means that the penis head is stimulated slowly, the orgasm that is guaranteed to come within a short time is almost indescribably beautiful.With Sweet I get two orgasms, one smaller and then the big one. You couldn’t wish for more. THE HEAT FUNCTION, which in the description sounds very exciting, doesn’t doanything for me, but it may be different for different men. With a little imagination, you can use it hands-free, which makes the pleasure truly extraordinary. Learn more

5 4 1
To small, heating, poor charge.

First thing I noticed was - it seemed kind of small. I'm an average sized man, me to really push hard with force to get to the bottom, that for me is less than half way. -It can feel almost extreme warming at first but then the feeling just disappears. - There are many settings but the standard vibrate is not the first to come on. - Also left itCharing a whole night next day lasted 3 minutes . So i might have a faulty product. + It does make me hard fast +Good suction - suction a bit to strong and none adjustable. Iwill try some more days and see. Learn more

5 2 1

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