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TENGA 3D Polygon Masturbator
TENGA 3D Polygon Masturbator
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Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator
Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator
Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator
Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator
Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator

TENGA 3D Polygon Masturbator

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Product Description

Tenga 3D Polygon is an exciting masturbator for men from the Japanese sex toy brand Tenga.

As the producer of some of the world’s most popular products for men, Tenga has once again managed to create a well thought out and extremely discreet masturbation product.

Tenga 3D Polygon has an artistic polygonal design that gives intense stimulation. It is made from a soft TPE rubber, that gives a realistic feeling against the skin.

Turn it inside out before first use so you can admire and enjoy the stimulating design within the actual masturbation product.

Apply some water based lubricant in your Tenga 3D before starting for a more realistic feeling.

Tenga 3D products won the 2012 award from Red Dot for ”best product design”, the first male masturbation product to achieve this.

How to clean your Tenga 3D:
Thoroughly was your Tenga both externally and internally. For optimum cleaning of your sex toys use sex toy detergent cleaning spray. Place the masturbation product on its holder and allow to dry. Once dry, you can then place the lid back on and pack away for the next time your desire arises.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 11.5 cm - 40 cm.
DIAMETER: Elastic.
WEIGHT: 290 g.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Piece of heaven

I have tried several fleshlights, tenga dicks and Chinese miracles, but this product will definitely takes the win! Spin around, play your favorite movie (or even use your imagination), because after a couple of pushes, you’ll be like in nirvana! A more suitable name would be 4D, because of all masturbators, this is the one that awakens newsenses! Learn more

5 5 1

Is my first sex toy that I bought but is an incredibly good one. Used once so far but am incredibly happy. Works perfectly for couples and for the individual to use! Saw that other forms of this toy received good reviews but since this one did not get any rating at all, I became a little curious. Bought it and can only say that it is great! It maybe that you test the other variants in the future as well! Learn more

5 5 1

Fantastic masturbation product. Simple, easy, hot and soft and not too big to hold on to. Cleaning is easily done by turning it inside out. With good maintenance, it lasts a long time. Enjoy! Learn more

5 5 1

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