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TENGA Air-Tech Regular Masturbator
TENGA Air-Tech Regular Masturbator
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TENGA Air-Tech Regular Masturbator

4.7 (5)
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Product Description

TENGA Air-Tech Regular is an upgrade to the original Deep Throat Cup from TENGA, which has been named the best sex toy for men.

The Air-Tech Regular gives a really soft and realistic sensation when sliding in your penis and moving it as you would with a regular hand job. A suction hole at the top allows you to control the cup's vacuum strength, which gives you the sensation of being sucked.

The new TENGA Air-Tech Regular has been developed for repeated use, so you can enjoy it again and again - unlike the original Deep Throat Cup, which is designed for one-time use. If you clean the sleeve after you had your fun, and apply new lube the next time you want to use the Air-Tech Regular, the masturbator can be used up to 50 times. 

TENGA Air-Tech is available in 3 versions with 3 different pattern designs. Choose the Gentle for soft stimulation, the Regular for the most realistic experience and the Strong for the firmest.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 6.5 inches.
DIAMETER: 2.5 inches.
WEIGHT: 91 g.
LUBRICANT: Water-based.
USER GUIDE: English.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Pretty good but loud

As he jerked quickly, the gadget began to whistle hard. The device feels pretty good. At first it was hard to get inside but after putting in more slippers well it started to slip, the only downside being that all the liquids came into the yard when I pulled out which a bit messed up the places. Cleaning quite easy Learn more

5 4 1
Felt really good

Very nice, and just the right size and tight for me. Feels pretty real. Also good looking and fairly discreet.

5 5 1
Very pleasant

Good stimulation and nice suction, would have liked the strong version instead as I would have liked a little stronger suction. However, all in all very nice and I anticipate many nice moments ahead with it. Learn more

5 5 1
Oh my God... BUY IT

Well... When you first get it and start using it for the first time, sure, it's a good feeling. But when you take it out and clean it and find the other texture that you get when you twist it... Wow. Insanely tight and lovely, use with a LOT of lube and you will have really lovely orgasms! Buy it! Learn more

5 5 1
I am impressed.

I guess I have to introduce myself as an experienced man, both with partners and solo, with a penis of standard size with a little extra length (17 cm). I have tested several different similar toys including various different fleshlights. This product, when used properly, is an orgasm extractor; insanely effective and comfortable. A fun thing isthat even if you insert a flaccid penis, it quickly adjusts thanks to the suction effect. It is easy to clean, a little more cumbersome to get completely dry, and yes, itmakes a bit of noise during use, but it can be regulated with pace and technique. Very nice toy, highly recommended! Learn more

5 5 1

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