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TENGA Air-Tech Strong Masturbator
TENGA Air-Tech Strong Masturbator
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TENGA Air-Tech Strong Masturbator

3.3 (5)
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Product Description

TENGA Air-Tech is an upgrade to the original Deep Throat Cup from TENGA, which has been named the best sex toy for men.

Air-Tech Strong is made from a lovely soft material that gives a truly soft and realistic sensation when you use it. The material in the Strong is firmer than in the other Air-Tech versions and ideal if you want to have extra titillating stimulation. With the suction hole at the top you control the suction and how intense a sensation you want from the Air-Tech Strong.

TENGA Air-Tech Strong is designed for repeated use. If you clean the sleeve after you had your fun, and apply new lube the next time you want to use the masturbator, you can use it up to 50 times. 

TENGA Air-Tech is available in 3 versions with 3 varying pattern designs. The Strong version gives the firmest and most titillating stimulation, while the Gentle is softer, and the Regular gives you the most realistic sensation.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 6.5 inches.
DIAMETER: 2.5 inches.
WEIGHT: 91 g.
LUBRICANT: Water-based.
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
I so excited and for nothing.

Is the product cheap and sure for whom? Personally, I don't even get the gadget in and it goes inside the "bottle". Didn't feel pleasant at all. We took the gut off with the lady and licked the fat around that gimmick but no results ..... Learn more

5 2 1
My own favourite

In these air-techs, you get a really noticeable vacuum, unlike in Fleshlights, even though they advertise it (well, you get a little of them too). Personally, of course, I’ve accidentally acquired all the different versions, and they don’t change that amount of suction in any way, but the inside of the insert is just fairly flat and loosein the gentle model, and then a little tighter and rougher in this strong model. That is, very little difference after all between different versions. I have been verysatisfied with the product, but I think it could be improved. If you try to pull the hard suction correctly, then the shell goes into the pit like in a plastic bottle, andthen it always goes into the pit more easily, ie the suction effect gradually disappears. Air can always get between the edges of the sleeve and the cup, which reducessuction, although of course those edges can be sealed with silicone if you wish. Learn more

5 5 1
Too narrow

I do not get much enjoyment from it. It is too narrow, and I do not feel much except that it squeezes and is difficult to penetrate.

5 4 1
Far too small.

The product is too small/narrow. Although abundant lube was used, it was difficult to penetrate. The quality of the product works pretty well though. It is neither deep nor wide enough. If you are of average size, I would think you should buy another. Learn more

5 4 1
Not very nice

I can not recommend this to anyone with a medium sized penis. The inside feels hard and like plastic, it is a few centimetres too short to cover the entire penis, and the air hole at the top does not do much except make noise. In terms of quality, however, it feels like a fairly solid product, but that does not offset the fact that it is not verypleasurable. Instead of this product, I recommend you spend a bit more money and invest in e.g. a Flight Pilot. Learn more

5 3 1

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