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TENGA Egg Lotion Lube 65 ml
TENGA Egg Lotion Lube 65 ml
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TENGA Egg Lotion Lube 65 ml

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Product Description

Tenga Egg Lotion is a very creamy and soft water-based lubricant specifically designed for TENGA EGGS. Since it is water based, you may use it with all silicone products.

Egg Lotion is also safe to use with condoms. The dispenser allows for accurate dosage and ensures good hygiene.

Additional Information

TYPE: Water-based lubrication.
INGREDIENTS: Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methylparaben.
SCENT: Mild.
SEX TOYS: Compatible with all types of sex toys.
CONTENT: 65 ml.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish.

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Customer Reviews (3)

It helps a lot when the egg is dry.

5 5 1
Best. Lube Ever.

It was bought for my then boyfriend along with one of Tenga's other products. It turned out to be the best idea I've ever had. I'm pretty delicate in the intimate areas. For that reason, we had never been able to make anal sex work. Either the gliding ability was too poor, it was too strange consistency, it gave the sting on contact with mucousmembranes, etc. Then we tried tengas lube. Jackpot! Anal sex has never been so easy. I use nothing else for the purpose now. Only minus is that it is not available in 1L cans Learn more

5 5 1
Very good

This lube is just fine. An easy little container that is easy to carry. The consistency is sexy and the lubricity is as it should be. I recommend it :)

5 5 1

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