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TENGA Vacuum Controller Kit
TENGA Vacuum Controller Kit
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TENGA Vacuum Controller Kit

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Product Description

The TENGA Vacuum Controller is a unit you can attach to your TENGA Cup for a suction sensation around your penis.

It is very easy to use: insert the batteries in the top rounded unit, attach it to your masturbation cup from TENGA and turn it on. The combination of the sleeve in your TENGA cup and the unit that creates the suction sensation, will give you a very sexy and thrilling experience.

We recommend using your masturbator as you normally would, by moving it up and down your penis. You will feel the suction as a titillating addition to the experience. If the suction sensations get too intense along the way, press the release vent button to relieve the pressure.  

With the Vacuum Controller comes a masturbation cup, the U.S. TENGA, which is a bit larger than the original models. You also get two different controller units: 1 for the original cups and 1 for the U.S. model. 

The TENGA Vacuum is not waterproof, so don't play with it in the shower. The adaptor itself should be cleaned with a dry, clean cloth.

Note! The TENGA Vacuum Controller uses 4x AAA batteries, which are sold separately.

The Vacuum Controller fits the Original Vacuum Cup, U.S. Original Vacuum Cup, Original Vacuum Cup Cool Edition and TENGA x Keith Haring Original Vacuum Cup.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: ABS plastic.
EFFECT: Suction sensations.
BATTERIES: 4x AAA (not included).
COMPATABILITY: Original Vacuum Cup, U.S. Original Vacuum Cup, Original Vacuum Cup Cool Edition and TENGA x Keith Haring Original Vacuum Cup.
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Sucks well

This controller sucks really well and it is naughty to insert a flaccid penis into it and get sucked in, which also gives a hard result. I think it would be really good if you have difficulty getting hard. The problem is just that it keeps sucking, and you have to turn it off and on with button in order to slide in and out. Imagine if it did ititself. And then there is that thing with suction ... that it will actually produce small blood extractions from the head if is allowed to just suck. It doesn’t hurt, but... buy it if you want a suck or want to get really hard. Learn more

5 3 1
Mmm :-)

The Tenga Vacuum Controller set with its accompanying cup surprises. I would almost say that it surpasses the real thing. The feeling of the suction and your own control of the intensity is rarely achieved with a physical partner. I think it is an excellent toy for men who want to control the stimulation of their most sacred body part. :-) Learn more

5 5 1

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