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The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game
The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game
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The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game

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Product Description

If you want to challenge each other or your friends to an evening of erotic fun, The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game is the game for you.

Test your own and your friends' knowledge of sex and all things erotic with this funny sex game. In proper Monopoly style, you will compete about buying and running sexy businesses, e.g. Catch-a-Cougar Net Dating, King Dong and Pole Position Strip Clubs.

Pick a Risky or Frisky card and see if you can resist temptation. The cards will lure you in with extra wealth for those daring enough to perform sexy and funny challenges. The many question cards along the way are also guaranteed to produce some rosy cheeks and can cost you both your inhibitions, money and clothes if you don't have the right answer.

The game is in English and is easy to understand, for 2-8 players.

The box contains 2 dice, 1 playing board, 8 play pieces, 100 Risky or Frisky cards, 100 Question cards, 28 Ownership cards, game money and rules.

Additional Information

CONTENT: 2 dice, 1 playing board, 8 play pieces, 100 Risky or Frisky cards, 100 Question cards, 28 Ownership cards, game money and rules.
PLAYERS: 2-8. 
LANGUAGE: English. 
BOX SIZE: 10.2 x 10.2 inches.

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Customer Reviews (3)
The Really Cheeky Board Game

The Really Cheeky Board Game is a dirtier version of the classic game Monopoly. The game is about buying as many stores and services from the bank as you can. The winner is the player who has all the streets, but can also be played against the clock, or until the person still has all their clothes on. The game itself is very fast-paced and you asa player can easily add your own rules to increase the excitement. Unfortunately, there are spelling and grammatical errors in texts. The street names are really fully and thepieces are and well-made. The game has to be played with an even number of players and can be played from 2-8 at a time. The game consists of mission cards and questions thatare rewarded in different ways, can be anything from money or services of the other players in the form of kisses, massages or why not see your opponents undress for you. Iliked the game, but I especially recommend this game to those who want a new one for their party that is also like Monopoly. Spend it all and get lucky! Learn more

5 5 1

A wonderful and different game. Reminiscent of monopoly but much dirtier. If you’re looking for games to explore each other, this game is perfect.

5 5 1
One word: Fun!

We love board games - and sex;) - and have gradually accumulated quite a few games. We also have some really good friends who have borrowed some of our games and shared our enthusiasm. But common to the other games is that they can only be played by 2 people. So when we saw that this game can be played by more people, we were really excited aboutinviting our couple of friends over so we could have some good laughs and play together about sex - without it having to end with actual sex. The game is a bit like Matador,and is full of fun questions and challenges. We give it 4 thumbs up! Learn more

5 4 1

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