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Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Masturbator
Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Masturbator
Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Onaniprodukt  1
Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Onaniprodukt  2
Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Onaniprodukt  3
Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Onaniprodukt  4
Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Onaniprodukt  5
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Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Masturbator

4.2 (3)

Product discontinued
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Product Description

Are you searching for a stylish and tantalizing masturbator that easily goes under the radar? We can highly recommend the Topco CyberSkin Stealth Vagina Stroker Masturbator.

With the Stealth Vagina Stroker, you can train to boost your endurance and gradually build up to more powerful orgasms, to the great joy of both you and your partner.

The soft, inner CyberSkin sleeve, shaped like an inviting, tight vagina, stimulates you as you move in and out, taking you to an explosive climax.

The masturbator also has a suction cup at its base that attaches to all smooth surfaces, allowing you to indulge in the sensations completely hands-free. The base can be set at just the angle you want for the optimal experience.

Fits most penis sizes.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Flexible Cyberskin, ABS plastic.
TOTAL LENGTH: 7.7 inches (without suction cup).
DIAMETER: 3 inches.
LANGUAGE: English.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (3)
Fun, but also its shortcomings

A generally good product that can be fastened well in all possible positions, and gives a good feeling. The problem is that during use the air can not escape from the sleeve, and is therefore forced out between the sleeve and the container, which then gives a kind of "vaginal fart". I have made a few holes in the bottom of the cup it isscrewed on that take part of this. However, it is strange that it has not been thought of from the start? Learn more

5 3 1
Hot and tight, good for the price

Very tight penetration, but nice enough if you are not too big. Probably not to be recommended for the well-equipped, as it is already quite tight to an average size. You can not just thrust in and out, because if you first slip out, then you have to use your hand to help it back in again. The sleeve inside is just with thin grooves so nohocus-pocus there. The sleeve also does not fit that well. The sleeve is odourless. The suction cup is quite poor and does not suck properly because it is simply too small -even on completely smooth tiles. So action under the shower never becomes completely hands-free, as the suction cup sooner or later lets go and the product falls to the floor.Considering the price though, it is definitely ok, and if you like it a little tight then there is good enjoyment to be had here. And the suction cup can fortunately be usedin other ways as well, e.g help keep the dildo in place. All in all, okay satisfying with a few reservations. A fine starting product at a reasonable price. Remember lube! Learn more

5 4 1

Topco CyberSkin is not only super hot and naughty, but the unique suction cup which works really well, makes the experience extra intense! Can highly recommend it and Sinful.

5 5 1

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