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Topco Vulcan Ripe Vagina Masturbator
Topco Vulcan Ripe Vagina Masturbator
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Topco Vulcan Ripe Vagina Onaniprodukt  1

Topco Vulcan Ripe Vagina Masturbator

3.8 (5)
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Product Description

The Vulcan Ripe Vagina is ideal for those who want a realistic masturbator. Both the look and feel of the Vulcan Ripe Vagina is reminiscent of 'the real thing', especially if you use it with a water-based lube. The lube makes your experience with the Vulcan Ripe Vagina even more vivid and amazing, and ensures that your movements glide as easily possible. 

On the inside, the Vulcan Ripe Vagina has a tantalising structure that stimulates you in time with your movements. The stimulating sleeve is made of soft loveskin material.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Flexible Cyberskin.
TOTAL LENGTH: 6.1 inches (stretches to fit most sizes). 
DIAMETER: Approx. 1.6 inch
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Fantastic product

Almost like a real vagina. Much better than using your hand

5 4 1
Excellent for the price

It is quite OK for the price. However, I would like some stimulus on the penis head. It is a little longer than the pipedream snatch, which makes you penetrate further. For more fun, you probably have to sacrifice a little more. Learn more

5 3 1

First and only "Pocket Pussy" at the time I’m writing this review. Definitely a great "product", very used and does what it is supposed to do. I have noticed some wear but no problems so far. Perfect for someone on a budget or who wants to buy their first one and give it a try. Learn more

5 4 1
Do not recommend

It is very small, mine is of normal length but was too long for this one. Touching the bottom doesn’t feel nice, so it’s not a good thing. The material that the white plastic exterior is made of feels cheap and is too soft. The inside of the vagina has no pattern at all, it feels like air. For me, it is much harder to come with this thanwith my own hand. Even for the fairly low price, it’s not worth the money seeing as what you get. If you intend to buy this, I would recommend that you spend a bit more on amore expensive masturbation tool and buy something that you can enjoy. Learn more

5 2 1
Really happy with it.

I’m really happy with it, like I said. I get really turned on just thinking about it. Easy to use with a little lubricant etc.

5 5 1

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