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Trinity Vibes Lubricant Applicator
Trinity Vibes Lubricant Applicator
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Trinity Vibes Lubricant Applicator

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Product Description

Are you in search of the perfect addition to kinky clinical play? With the lubricant applicator set from Trinity Vibes, the doctor has access to everywhere.

In the best hospital style you can push your favourite lubricant into the applicator and execute precision lubrication of both the anus and vagina, even if the doctor has already begun and space is tight.

The lubricant applicator set consists of 1 applicator and 2 extra tubes. The attractive and practical design makes the applicator easy to handle.

Slim shape for comfortable insertion and quick cleaning.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Plastic.
QUANTITY: 2 x tubes, 1 x applicator.
DIAMETER: 0.5 inch.
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (3)
It goes like clockwork

The benefit of using an applicator is evident from the previous review, which states: "... makes it really easy to get the lube in where it benefits the most". Personally, I use the applicator anal, preferably in connection with "Icicles no 14 Glass Massager". The said toy is made of Pyrex glass that can withstand any kindof lube. The preferred is silicone based lube. I have tried both Sinful’s applicators, from both 'Trinity Vibes' and 'Kinklab'. Trinity Vibes is my favourite choice, for thefollowing reasons: #1. The top of the piston is designed as a finger loop, which makes one-handed operation when filling a breeze. #2. The transverse grip on the pipe is lessbulky, and does not come "across" where space is tight. #3. Both brands work equally well and have the same longevity. #4. Trinity Vibes is DKK 20 cheaper. This is awin win win situation: More comfortable ergonomics, same function and durability as well as lower price. Why both brands supply a set consisting of 1 applicator and 2 extratubes, is incomprehensible to me. It is my experience that if you change the piston from the original pipe to a spare pipe, it loads the piston and gasket so much that itstill breaks shortly after. The accident consists either in the thin part of the piston rod breaking or the gasket detaching from the rod. In both cases, the applicator isleft unusable. There was more idea in supplying 2 applicators and 1 spare tube. Then one could divide the set into "One in use and one in reserve", or "His andhers" or "Front and back". Regardless of this, I am an avid user of the Trinity Vibe applicator, to which I concede my best recommendation. Sincerely, Doc Learn more

5 5 1
Must have

These syringes make it really easy to get the lube in where it benefits the most Can definitely be recommended.

5 5 1
Very useful for extreme games

Useful for all kinds of games, but even more so for things like fisting, large inserts, etc., where you need good, deep lubrication.

5 5 1

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