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Wand Essentials 3teez Accessories
Wand Essentials 3teez Accessories
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Wand Essentials 3teez Accessories

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3 for £59.99
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Product Description

Wonderful accessories for your Magic Wand Essentials vibrator.

Experience tantalizing stimulation of your clitoris, G-spot and anus. The largest part of the 3teez arches up to hit your G-spot, while the small curve with its dotted texture titillates your clitoris. The small, thin part can be used for anal stimulation, is flexible and can also be used externally, vibrating against the anus.

How to use your 3teez:
insert it onto the head of your Wand vibrator. Once attached, you can then turn on your Wand vibrator and adjust how much vibration you want. The vibrations spread out to all parts of your 3teez and provide wonderful, effective stimulation.

For the optimal experience, use a water-based lube with the product.

The best way to clean your sex toys is with a sex toy cleaning product.

The 3teez fits with the Passion Pointer, 2 Speed Wand, Fairy Original Massage Wand, Bodywand Original, Smartwand Large and all Wand Essentials vibrators.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 4.1 inches.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (2)

Great for those who like powerful vibrations both here and there. The small pin is far too short to reach the clitoris, but with an extra vibrator on the clit, it was a wonderful experience. Learn more

5 4 1
Exciting accessories but the clitoris is cheated

The product almost says itself: It is put on a Magic Wand and the three 'dots' must stimulate the clitoris (the small brush-shaped one at the bottom of the photo), the woman's g-spot and vagina in general (the curved part) and a grooved string of 'balls' which can stimulate within anally, or stay outside and caress the skin. Personally, it is myexperience that women do not feel that 3teez hits the clitoris with the brush head at all. It is simply not anatomically correct in length and position. It is verydisappointing that in terms of design you have so little knowledge of the world's female bodies. The G-spot part has not given the great results either. This is probablybecause that part is too elastic and does not 'stay' at the g-spot and stimulates consistently. On the other hand, the long spherical thing has shown its worth both anal, butcertainly also as a vibrator tip on the clitoris and elsewhere. The product is slightly prone to damage if it is in contact with other silicone / latex / plastic products, sodo not leave it. The material goes like in a kind of solution if it comes in contact with other products. Learn more

5 3 1

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