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Wand Essentials Prostate Stimulator for Magic Wand
Wand Essentials Prostate Stimulator for Magic Wand
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Wand Essentials Prostate Stimulator for Magic Wand

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Product Description

Get even more pleasure from your Magic Wand vibrator: Try it together with the Wand Essentials Prostate Stimulator Accessory!

The accessory is easy to put on and it transforms your Magic Wand into a powerful Prostate Stimulator that also sends good vibrations to your perineum. Simply place the accessory over the head of your Wand and press down until it is in place.

This great Wand Essentials Prostate Stimulator accessory is made of a solid material, sending stimulation exactly where you need it to achieve deep prostate orgasms.

Always use the prostate stimulator together with a water-based anal lube, to ensure that inserting and using it is as pleasurable as possible.

Note! This accessory fits all Wand Essentials vibrators, as well as e.g. the Sinful Magic Wand, Fairy Original and LELO Smart Wand Large. The Magic Wand is sold separately.

Additional Information

LENGTH, PLUG: 3.5 inches.
DIAMETER, PLUG: 0.5 - 1.1 inch.
DIAMETER, HEAD: 2.3 inches.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Wand supplement for prostate stimulation

The product should be for prostate stimulation, but the material is so flaccid that it does not transmit any noticeable vibrations onto the prostate. The product fits easily and comfortably into place. Learn more

5 3 1
Functional, but too soft

I bought it here to try it with my magic wand to get some stimulation against my P-spot. The product hits fine, but due to the very soft joint that connects the insertable part to the wall, a lot of the vibration disappears into nothingness. In terms of size, it is a really good starting product for the price, but you should not expect to haveyour world turned upside down. Learn more

5 3 1
Good thing for your magicwand if you want to spoil the man

The prostate stimulator is really good if you are a beginner in the anal field, as it is not that big and is made of a nice sliding material, so it is easy to insert (however, would also recommend a lubricant to ensure an extra good glide). It is also really easy to clean. Because of the magic wand's many different vibration levels, you areguaranteed to make the man experience the most amazing vibrating feeling. I would actually also think that it can be used for couples, as the woman can also get a lot out ofthe vibrating feeling by using it for anal sex on her as well. Here there is also the possibility of orgasm guarantee. There are some issues with the fit of the magic wand.Unfortunately, the prostate stimulator head easily falls off when you are in the process of inserting it into the anus. But all in all I would definitely recommend this forcouples or men as extra equipment for their magic wand, because it is definitely worth it if you want to have your prostate stimulated and achieve an orgasm with the nicevibrating feeling, or if you also want to pamper your partner with a good vibrating round of anal sex with this toy. Learn more

5 4 1

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